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Rali Gwladgarol Twt Hill 2013?

2013 Declare Plas Glyndwr 1401?

Caernarfon Castle was not taken but by 1403 English Castle rule of Wales had come to and end with most Castles under siege and a few taken or destroyed and made of no use. This of course paved the way for the establishment of Cenedl Glyndwr - Cenedl Cymru Rydd with establishment of Senedd Glyndwr at Machynlleth on 21 Mehefin 1404 along with Glyndwr's coronation as Owain IV 'Tywysog Cymru'. Proposal is to commemorate the great event of 1403 as below, if pobl Glyndwr Ystrad Tywi up to the commitment to organise a major three day festival to commemorate the end of English Castle rule. Note this will also include a conclusion event on Stalling Down to commemorate Brwydr Bryn Owain that summer of bringing an end to English Castle rule of Cymru/Wales.

Llandovery - Caerfyrddin - Penfro.

THE FUTURE - IS IT WELL FOR G660 - 2014 and beyond?

Any advance on promoting and commemorating Hanes Glyndwr requires Corwen and Machynlleth very much are towns at the centre of Coffad Glyndwr. Corwen appears to be getting it's act together but still as a long way to go so it will be Machynlleth which concerns me for a number of reasons, not least because we have over last decade put much effort into that town at center of our work inc at Pennal with Ardd Arwyr Glyndwr at Cefn Caer:


So, what of Machynlleth, possibly for the Town and the Centre to move on securely and  positively what is needed is as at Cosmeston Medieval Village a Trust of committed and dedicated supporters to back up:

As a measure of support for the above, I would suggest that they (Cosmeston Medieval Village Centre) become the third major National Venue for annual Glyndwr commemoration, in particular with further develoment of Teyrnas Glyndwr in mind:

Further to above, I would suggest to Macvhynlleth Council that they advance establishment of a:


I do not seek to get in to a long protracted debate as to why and wherefore the situation re Canolfan Glyndwr as I am sure the bottom line is we want to see Canolfan Glyndwr and Machynlleth Town as the main Hanes Glyndwr Commemoration center saved and back on line as a successful endeavor as speedy as possible. Other than the aforementioned Trust I suggest advance of a Glyndwr Towns Association Initiative in the first instance with Embassy Glyndwr as a major national promotion of G660 - 2014 and beyond to 2016. Over this three year period such a GTA could realy establish itself as a joint Tourism promotion exercise and also via our 21 June propsals tie in an annual meeting of the GTA to participate in the Coron Glyndwr ceremony. You will see below a letter to be sent out to initially sell our new flag but I am also promoting such a GTA. I consider it as useful to Machynnleth as we for Machynlleth Council to be involved.

Gethin Gruffydd on behalf of Sian Ifan.

Declaration of Intent.

                                                                                      The coming three years 2014 - 2015 - 2016 mark three very important anniversaries in the history of Owain Glyndwr, they are:

2014: 660th Anniversary of the birth of Owain Glyndwr in 1354 and following on revolts of 1315 - 16 and 1344 - 1345 also the Black Death, a period of growing discontent with oppressive English Colonial rule. The latter half of the 14th century was a period of much outlawry by 'Adar y Greim' as a proto resistance to English rule and roots of the later Gwerin Owain and following 1536 'People of the Pitchfork' resistance to enclosure land grabbing by English Lords and treacherous Native Cambro - Brit Gentry Quislings. THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES >

2015: Marks the last phase of the War of Independence to become a 'Guerrilla War' and reason why very few Welsh were at Battle of Azincourt despite later Tudor propaganda stating otherwise for their Cambro - Brit ends. The reality is that after 14 years of intense liberation struggle and two centuries of Conquest and Colonisation the majority of Welsh had no interest in fighting for the English against the French but were more likely to fight for the French against the English as Henri Gwyn and Son of Llansteffan. PRESENT DAY CAMBRO - BRITS REALLY NEED TO GET REAL  AND STOP FLIRTING WITH BAD HISTORY AND SHAKE OFF SHAKESPEARE's LIES >

2016: Is the year it is said Glyndwr 'disappeared', some say died others not? Whatever the struggle was to continue, increasingly as a rearguard war of resistance to ongoing English advance but was not to conclude untill the surrender of Maredudd ab Owain on 8 Ebrill 1421. After which resistance was carried out by Gwerin Outlaw Rebels up to 1536 and beyond despite the execution of Rhys ap Gruffydd of Dehuebarth in 1529 who had declared himself 'Prince of Wales' and with his Uncle James was with Scots and Irish support planning a revolt.This was followed by a campaign of vicious harrying of so called 'Welsh Bandits' by hanging Judge Rowland Lee on behalf of the 'Richmond Regime Representatives' in Cymru/Wales.


We at Embassy Glyndwr are promoting and advancing a three year commemorative program, where we invite through our Pobl Glyndwr to prompt Local Authorities, Communities and Societies to participate by quite simply themselves visiting their local Hanes Glyndwr or just revisiting the Gwaith Glyndwr we have done over these past years and see what they can turn to their local advantage again or/and advance areas of Gwaith Glyndwr we failed to deliver on. 

In this we shall of course be of assistance but an idea we had to take it much further is to suggest that all the towns of Wales that have a Glyndwr Connection set up a GLYNDWR TOWNS ASSOCIATION in main to promote local interest in Hanes Glyndwr and period in association with the above commemorations COFFAD GLYNDWR 2014/15/16 in their own localities as educational and  leisure activities also as Tourism attracting events. Thus such as the GTA would be also a major Tourism Promotion Platform internationally over the coming three years and perhaps beyond if working well why give up a good idea.

To advance such as a GTA and ideas associated above and further, we are suggesting Towns with an interest in such would be favorable to sending representatives to a national meeting to review these suggestions and discuss their implementation and advancement. We at Embassy Glyndwr would prefer it if such GTA became it's own body and it is our attention if and when set up we in time will stand aside.

To further advance this Cofad Glyndwr 2014/15/16 and at present pre launch of our Glyndwr 660 - 2014 we are are making available a new large Glyndwr baner 5' X 8' available to all but as they are in limited number we are hoping as many Glyndwr Towns as possible will buy and fly this new banner all year around and particularly over years aforementioned. We would hope that Community Councils would do like wise mindful of the fact that Senedd Glydwr 1404 was established by all to representatives of commotes, that is the Communities of the day and not by right of lords as was the Parliament of Simone De Montfort so looked upon as the 'Mother' of all Parliaments.

For further information of News and Information see: 


Sunday, 1 September 2013

16 MEDI 1400: ANNUALLY OUR NATIONAL HERO DAY TO COMMEMORATE AND CELEBRATE ACROSS THE LAND IN EVERY COMMUNITY - Make Ready with Great Effort, Endeavour and Enterprize, Prepare and Organise To Make It this Year a Fitting Prologue to G660 - 2014 Commemoration.



Our G660 - 2014 Souvenirs based on above will be available in time as
 T - Shirts, Badges, Patches, Stickers and Key Rings etc. Only buy from G660 supported  suppliers as below:

Not Opportunist Dilettante Individuals posing as Welsh Nationalists and Imposter Glyndwr People.

Other Glyndwr Information:

Be of the Pobl Glyndwr - Commemorate and Celebrate  Hanes Glyndwr but also as important actively assist in organisation via Llysgenhadaeth Initiatives as G660 - 2014 'Glyndwr Communities and also via Teyrnas Glyndwr and Theatre Glyndwr whilst as Gwerin Owain Campaign with Tarian Glyndwr in defence of our heritage in the Landscape.

G660 - 2014 Promotional Material and Souvenirs, please only buy from Llysgenhadaeth Glyndwr or producers we support as they do us a promotional service. Have no truck with opportunist who pose as patriots and pobl Glyndwr to sell 'Nationalist Merchandise' for private profit or to fund their Dilettante ao called 'Patriotic Fringe' adventurism and not the hard work of actual Gwaith Glyndwr in active support for Achos Glyndwr but rather on their pointless posturing patriotism to no good purpose. If in doubt regards such individuals who you will usually flogging their stuff on fb, just ask them where the money is going.

The future is with Ieunctid Glyndwr - our 'Mudiad Plant Darogan.

 Of course we are too old to join up with the Ieunctid Glyndwr but we count ourselves as Gwerin Owain - Pobl Glyndwr 'Activistis' but even that must come to an end for a good while as Sian is moving home. This will take much packing and moving stuff and then putting it back together and that will take up to the new year 2014 but we have set in motion G660 - 2014 Commemoration for Pobl Glyndwr to carry on with very much as your own Individual or 'Glyndwr Community' endeavour whilst we need to focus in years ahead on archiving Embassy Glyndwr Material to deposit in our Ty Cenedl Collection at NLW. Other than this we want to focus in years ahead on Owain Glyndwr themed books and DVD's and so now other than noting all this also note that Sian must put her PC off to facilitate setting up in her new home and this could take some time which will also mean that her email will be out of action for a while but she can be contacted on her mobile phone 07772321511. Inc ordering flags this way and soon a Glyndwr book by Terry Breverton will be available from Embassy Glyndwr at a discount price signed by the Author.

Sian Ifan and Gethin Gruffydd.


PS: Do make effort to visit Cefn Caer to see Sian's exhibition and please do support our Ardd Arwyr Glyndwr Initiative there. Diolch yn Fawr.


Thursday, 11 July 2013


Embassy Glyndŵr is saddened by the news that the Centre is under threat of closure but not in the least surprised. We have seen letters in the press complaining that the Centre had not been open when visitors tried to visit and we have personally witnessed this ourselves on numerous occasions when we have visited the town. Also, unless you are aware of the Centre’s existence you could pass on foot or in a car without being aware of its importance as a Centre; the ‘low key’ sign declaring the town’s important association with Owain Glyndŵr as one enters Machynlleth from the South is totally inadequate in regards to pointing out that this town is the Medieval Capital of Cymru, the seat of Parliament of the most important heroic figure and event in Cymric history -  and as far as we know, there are still no official illustrative interpretation boards in the town dedicated to this history, which, without doubt,  would be helpful in informing and whetting the appetite of visitors to visit the Centre to learn more.

 Embassy Glyndŵr has endeavoured to work with the Centre and the town Council since the year 2000, and the dawning of the 600th anniversary of the beginning of the Owain Glyndŵr War of Independence and It has been hard work trying to get the town and the Centre motivated to capitalise on this important history (which the town is so privileged to have) to regenerate the town and the whole area of Bro Dyfi. Out of total despair, we ourselves, with the cooperation of the Town Council and the Rugby Club, organised a five day ‘Gŵyl Coroni Glyndŵr' in June 2004 to celebrate and commemorate the setting up of the Independent Cymric Parliament and the crowning of Prince Owain Glyndŵr in that Parliament in June 1404. It was intended for this festival to be adopted by a local ‘Festival Committee’ which would work, totally independent of Embassy Glyndŵr, with the Senedd- Dŷ Owain Glyndŵr Centre and the Town Council to produce an annual ‘Dydd Coroni Glyndŵr Festival’ which would grow from strength to strength until it got as large as Tyndwal Day in the Isle of Man with invited representatives of councils attending from all over Cymru and the other Celtic countries and, towards this end, and with the aid of some of the town’s councillors and locals, we arranged a meeting and presented a PowerPoint show of all the possibilities that could be applied, both, for a successful annual Owain Glyndŵr Festival and for promoting the town as the Medieval Capital of Cymru – all to no avail, they just have not had enough interest or enthusiasm to get it together.

Also,  as part of our programme to reinstate the lost national treasures of Cymru, we organised for ‘Cleddyf y Genedl’ (Sword of the Nation) to be hand made by a Cymric Master blacksmith and to be presented to the town by the French Consul Madame Claude Rapport during the festivities of 2004. This sword which was a replica of the sword that was presented to Owain Glyndŵr at his Coronation by the King of France in June 1404, is now kept at the Canolfan Senedd-Dŷ Owain Glyndŵr Centre.

Following on 2004, we organised for a silver and gold plated replica of ‘ Owain Glyndŵr’s Crown’ to be produced, and in 2007, with the assistance of the Town Council, we organised a civic ceremony on Parliament Green so that the Crown could be officially transferred to the safe keeping of Cefn Caer, the medieval Hall House at Pennal. The Canolfan Senedd-Dŷ Glyndŵr officials were invited and were present at this ceremony and since 2007, Elfyn Rowlands, one of the owners of Cefn Caer and Embassy Glyndŵr have, on the 21 June annually, bought the crown to Machynlleth, to be at the head of a parade which goes to the Plas. There, the Crown is handed over to the Town Mayor by its Guardian Elfyn Rowlands and the town Mayor then, carrying the Crown, leads the parade to the Canolfan y Senedd-Dŷ where it is displayed to Machynlleth and the Cymric nation for the day. The Crown symbolises ‘Cymric Sovereignty’ and the point of this annual ceremony is to illustrate that as long as we have this ‘Crown of Owain Glyndŵr, our Cymric Sovereignty is still in tact. Again, this ceremony was meant to be the central focus of the aforementioned intended  annual ‘Gŵyl Coroni Owain Glyndŵr Festival which would, eventually, have placed Machynlleth on the Global map for Medieval Festivals had the concept been adopted by all concerned and had enough enthusiasm, imaginative creative ability and hard work been spent on it. .

Embassy Glyndŵr did not carry out this ceremony this year out of respect to the town and the parents of little April Jones who, we feel, need and deserve privacy in mourning a terrible tragedy that will forever leave a scar on the area and its population.

But, as was pointed out in this Summer issue of the International Magazine Planet, Machynlleth is a town spiralling into rising poverty and is in desperate need of regeneration so, the question begs to be asked, why can’t Machynlleth capitalise on the privileged association it has with Owain Glyndŵr, the most heroic and enigmatic figure in the whole of Cymric history, to regenerate the town? And why can’t the Committee of Canolfan Senedd-Dŷ  Owain Glyndŵr, who has been blessed with a wonderful building and at least £316,000 in public funding in the last two years already,  make an astounding success of the Centre in the same way that similar centres such as the Robert the Bruce in Bannockburn, the William Wallace Visitor Centre in Stirling and both the Athenry and Brian Born Heritage Centres in Ireland are able to do?

A small proportion of the blame must rest with the Town Council for their failure to publicise the all important Owain Glyndŵr history and association with their town as aforementioned in this statement. Another proportion of blame can rest at the door of ‘Cadw’ who, quite obviously have not advised or assisted the Centre on how to be innovative  and imaginative in attracting people to the Centre. Also Cadw have not publiced the existence of the Centre enough (if at all/) since the exhibition was opened by Alun Davies AM but, the brunt of the blame must rest with the Centre’s Committee members who, it seems, is content with leaving it to the exhibition as the only means to getting visitors in through the doors – that is, when the doors are open! Why have they not got Owain Glyndŵr associated events and activities taking place throughout the year?  They can not even erect flag posts outside the building and fly Owain Glyndŵr associated flags from these poles throughout the year to draw the attention of passers by to the Centre.

Henry Evans, the Chairman of the committee is hoping that Cadw will step in and ‘maintain’ the Centre, we would suggest that even if Cadw did so, it would be futile in regards to capitalising on the Owain Glyndŵr associated history in the town unless Cadw was prepared to accept Owain Glyndŵr as our greatest of national heroes rather than a ‘rebel’ - which they never will more than they would be prepared to accept the ‘Glyndŵr Crown’ as a symbol of our Sovereignty. They cannot because they are employed by the English state so, their Sovereignty is the English crown and seeing as the ‘Glyndŵr Crown is meant to be the central focus of  the major annual Gŵyl Coroni Owain Glyndŵr we have proposed as a means of regenerating Machynlleth, they are hardly going to physically or financially organise that are they?  So, ‘maintaining’ the Owain Glyndŵr Centre just so that the status quo can prevail would be a national scandal after all the public money that has already been given to the Centre and at a time when the National Assembly and Cadw have declined to buy Glyndŵr’s Old Parliament House in Dolgellau for a measly £55,000 in order to save and protect this other piece of Cymric heritage for the nation!

Embassy Glyndŵr believes that there is a more realistic alternative that can save the Centre and do a lot in regards to regenerating the town at the same time and that is for  the Centre Committee and The Town Council to really recognise the potential of  Owain Glyndŵr as their ‘Redeemer’ and seriously get together with the owners of Cefn Caer and any other local interested parties to form a strong and disciplined committee to organise the annual ‘Gŵyl Coroni Glyndŵr as proposed by Embassy Glyndŵr as far back as the year 2000. It should be noted that we did write a constitution for a local committee who had organised the festival, on a small scale in 2009 but, again, the passion, commitment and enthusiasm was lacking and that committee seems to have filtered out of existence after but one year.

Next year is the 660 anniversary of the birth of Owain Glyndŵr in 1354.  In this connection, Embassy Glyndŵr is ‘promoting’ this historic event as GLYNDŴR 660 – 1354 – 2014. Note, we are ‘only’ promoting the date in the hope that communities throughout Cymru will use the date as a launching pad for a three year commemorative programme that will lead to a 2016 conclusion on the platform of the MAB DAROGAN -  GLYNDŴR RETURNS 2016.  Birth is about rejuvenation and, in the concept of Owain Glyndŵr,  about the coming of our MAB DAROGAN – OUR REEDEMER. With imaginative use  of the concept and yes, a lot of enthusiasm and hard work, the Canolfan Senedd-Dŷ could really get ‘rejuvenated’ and they also, like Glyndŵr, can return victorious by 2016.

Embassy Glyndŵr is still happy to advise and assist in any practical way that Canolfan Senedd-Dŷ Glyndŵr or Machynlleth Town Council may deem necessary to see the suggestions in this report fulfilled.

Siân Ifan

CEO Embassy Glyndŵr.


Pobl Glyndwr, if you really want to see our Prince Owain Glyndwr return to Machynlleth and 21 Mehefin 1404 commemorated and celebrated in a truly fitting way annually. Then on and about 21 Mehefin 2014 as part of the G660 - 1354 Anniversary is the best time for us to relaunch what should be our greatest Patriotic Festival, now if you want to contribute in this great enterprise here is what you got to do rally to the support of Embassy Glyndwr and fully support all we are attempting on the G660 1354 - 2014 Platform and Vehicle towards a major patriotic revival with  MAB DAROGAN -  GLYNDŴR RETURNS 2016. Can you do that? If so, let us know and as important let us know what you can bring to the G660 Table also what contribution you might make to the relaunch of the annual Machynlleth Dydd y Senedd 21 Mehefin 'Troad y Rhod' Commemoration. See links below to inspire and motivate your potential contribution, further idetails on G660 to be released soon on, you will be informed via Newyddion Llysgenhadaeth Glyndwr blog as to when and where.

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 This year due to the 'dark cloud' of a great sadness over Machynlleth we find it far from appropriate to hold there any major National commemorative event or community celebrations in this our Prif Ddinas Tywysog Owain Glyndŵr. However, instead we are calling upon patriots, not least committed pobl Glyndŵr to organise celebrations in their own communities over the coming weekend of 'Troad y Rhod'. Further, why  not make this weekend one in which to visit sites associated with Hanes Owain Glyndŵr, perhaps Bryn Glas Battle site being most appropriate with anniversary falling on 22 Mehefin (1402). Further, if wished and there is no reason why not a low key 'Soap Box Nation' 'autonomous' gathering cannot be carried out at Cofeb Glyndŵr, Y Plas Machynlleth on 22 Mehefin. Noting that whilst adults engage in discussion and debate there is a play ground close by in which children might play and the whole grounds perfect  for picnicking. Of course you can also visit Canolfan Glyndŵr and take a walk up atop Penrallt to view the town and locality from a great vantage point as well of course there is always Tafarn Glyndŵr at edge of town for an evening drink and meals as are available else where in the town. See below links which provides information on previous Embassy Glyndŵr commemorations and celebrations in Machynlleth plus information on what is meant by the holding of a Soap Box Nation gathering at Cofeb Glyndŵr.
To Follow on 16 Medi annually:
Don't forget either go make or renew your oath of 'Juratus Oweyn' on Parliament Green to make you ready to over the years ahead as from the 2013 launch of G660 2014 to make the greatest of efforts with much enthusiasm and enterprise to carry out a major four year Hanes Glyndŵr commemorative programme 2013 - 16 continuing then as being annually traditional all the way to 2021 and beyond? Do note as from this 21 Mehefin 2013 more info and details on G660 2014 - 2016 'Glyndŵr Returns' will be released and all patriots are invited to participate and welcome to contribute to the commemorative program, so start to soon consider what you can bring to the table and get in touch as meetings will be held later this year to draw up a comprehensive commemorative program that we may organise, coordinate and advance towards great impact and success.

  The Son of Prophecy Will Return.....

Saturday, 30 March 2013



Heb unrhyw amheuaeth, pan ddaw'r flwyddyn 2015 (sy’n llai na dwy flynedd i ffwrdd) mi fydd y ‘Brits  ICH DIENERS’ Cymreig a Chymraeg yn mynd dros ben llestri wrth ddathlu 600mlwyddiant buddugoliaeth y Saeson ar faes y gad ym Mrwydr Agincourt yn 1415 - a heb amheuaeth ac yn gyfleus iawn, anghofir am ‘drosedd rhyfel’ y Saeson wrth iddynt lofruddio carcharorion Ffrengig diarfog, ac anghofir yn ogystal, bod llawer o gefnogwyr Owain Glyndŵr wedi bod yn ymladd ar yr ochr Ffengig yn y frwydr yma wedi iddynt orfod gadael Cymru, a bod llawer, fel Henri Gwyn a’i feibion, wedi eu lladd yn Azincourt yn ymladd yr hen elyn, yn hytrach na ‘gwerthu allan’. 

Manteisir ar yr achlysur yn 2015 i lwytho llwyaid enfawr  arall o hanes Tuduraidd a Phrydeinig i lawr ein gyddfau - a’r cyfan i  gefndir o fôr o faneri San Siôr mae’n siŵr. Unwaith eto, bydd y ‘spin’ Shakespiaraidd yn llenwi ein theatrau ac ysgolion gyda llwyfannu dramâu fel Henry IV a Henry V sy’n bychanu Owain Glyndŵr fel rhyw ‘dwpsyn ofergoelus’ tra’n clodfori’r Tuduriaid ac Undod Prydeinig hyd syrffed!

Oes rhaid dioddef yr uchod yn hollol ddiymadferth? NAGOES!  Yn hytrach, gellir mynegi’n glir yn 2015 nad yw pob Cymro a Chymraes yn daeog i’r Drefn Brydeinig. Gellir dangos fod yna ddigon o wladgarwyr yn bodoli yng Nghenedl Glyndŵr o hyd na wnaiff byth werthu allan - a gellir dangos ein teyrngarwch i Glyndŵr ac i genedl Glyndŵr ac i’w ddyhead am Gymru Rydd Annibynnol drwy sicrhau fod Cymru - Cenedl Glyndŵr wedi ei gorchuddio a baner ein harwr mwyaf oll yn 2015. Bydd gwneud hyn yn ddim i’w gymharu â’r aberth a wnaed gan gefnogwyr Glyndŵr yn ei gyfnod ond bydd y weithred symbolaidd syml yma yn ddatganiad pendant fod brwydr Glyndŵr yn parhau drwy Gymru benbaladr hyd at fuddugoliaeth.

Erfyniodd Llysgenhadaeth Glyndŵr yn y flwyddyn 2000 (ar achlysur 600mlwyddiant dathlu cychwyn Rhyfel Mawr Owain Glyndŵr am Annibyniaeth) ac eto yn y flwyddyn 2004 ( Blwyddyn dathlu 600mlwyddiant Coroni Glyndŵr) ar i bob Cymro a Chymraes gwlatgarol gyfrannu i’r dathliadau drwy orchuddio Cymru mewn blanced o faneri Glyndŵr; gwnaed yr ymdrech gan lawer ond, ysywaeth, ddim gan ddigon o bell fordd. Faint o ymdrech mae’n ei gymryd o ddifrif i godi baner ar bolyn neu, hyd yn oed, i chwifio un allan drwy’r ffenestr? Beth yw’r pwynt sôn am ‘Annibyniaeth i Gymru’ a gweiddi ‘Cymru Rydd’ wrth godi dyrnau i’r awyr os na ellir cytuno i uno fel cenedl o wladgarwyr  i wneud y mymryn lleiaf fel sicrhau bod baner Glyndŵr yn gorchuddio ein cenedl erbyn dyfodiad 2015, fel modd o ddatgan i Loegr na wnawn byth ildio ein cenedl. Dyma weithred hollol syml a all arwain at ddeffroad gwladgarol yng Nghymru - ond i bawb wneud yr ymdrech lleiaf.

Mae’r cyfrifoldeb dros sicrhau dyfodol ein cenedl fel Cymru Rydd annibynnol yn ein dwylo ni i gyd fel cenedlaetholwyr a gwladgarwyr Cymreig felly, dewch i ni gyd gydweithredu i danio’r fflam. Does dim cyfiawnhad dros laesu dwylo a gadael yr ymgyrchu i’r lleiafrif drwy’r amser. Os na ellir cyflawni’r weithred leiaf un yma fel modd o ddangos her erbyn 2015, yna waeth i ni gyd roi’r gorau i  freuddwydio a rhoi’r ffidil yn y to. Gallaf yn bersonol feddwl am gant a mil o bethau diddorol a phleserus i’w gwneud â gweddill fy mywyd os yw’r frwydr drosodd -  a dyna yn union fyddai yn ei wneud os na welaf her ‘go iawn’ i’r drefn Brydeinig yn cael ei fynegi erbyn 2015.

Os nad oes baner Glyndŵr gennych, gellir prynu un maint 3’ x 5’ mewn unrhyw siop Gymraeg gwerth ei halen neu, os ydych am gael gafael ar faner enfawr 5’ x 8’ i ddangos eich her i Loegr yn hen ddigon clir, fe allaf archebu cyflenwad o rain ond, bydd yn rhaid i’r sawl sydd am gael un, yrru archeb bendant gyda siec am £15 (sy’n cynnwys pris cludiant) yn daladwy i fi, Siân Ifan, 34, Bethesda Court, Ffordd Tywysog Cymru, Abertawe SA1 2EY. Yn ogystal, gellir cysylltu â fi ar e-bost yn   os oes angen mwy o wybodaeth.

Byddai’n wych gweld y baneri enfawr yma ar hyd a lled Cymru ond dwi ond yn barod i archebu os oes digon yn archebu ac yn gyrru taliad gyda'r archeb. Dewch i ni gyd gydweithredu yn yr ymgyrch yma – ac o ddifrif y tro yma.

Siân Ifan  

Wednesday, 16 January 2013



 Cymric patriot Anita Venables has sadly passed away this morning. Although Anita, along with her husband Phil,  has been a Cymric activist for decades, we, personally, did not get the opportunity to meet the couple until last year when, as part of the South Cymru Balchder Cymru group, they joined up with Embassy Glyndŵr to fight the Stryveland campaign against the windmilling of Mynydd y Betws and the rest of Cymru. During this campaign, we had the opportunity to talk quite a lot with Anita and Phil and found them both to be exceptionally  pleasant as well as being  genuine and dedicated Cymric patriots who were prepared to work tirelessly in order to do their bit for Cymric freedom. During the Stryveland campaign alone – and although they did not have access to a car, they travelled from Pembroke by train to Swansea to participate in picketing the docks and in protest rallies on a number of occasions and in all types of weather - although Anita was, quite obviously, in pain throughout.  And for use during both the picketing and protesting, Anita came equipped with large bed sheets covered in relevant slogans which she busied herself with tying to fences. Not only this, Anita (along with Phillip) on that day stressed their eagerness to carry out an act of passive resistance there and then, by sitting down in front of the Turbine Transports. But we advised against doing it then considering it possibly best to do so in the centre of Pontardawe at a more public place and where more aggravation could be caused to the Turbine Transportation to Mynydd y Betws. This opportunity was not to arise due to the fact that not enough ‘patriots’ were ever at Pontardawe during the transportations to carry the intended 'sit down' protest out but, we have no doubt that if Anita could have been there during the transportations, she is one brave patriot that would have had the courage of conviction to have committed to such radical patriotic action. She was definitely a great example as to what ‘activism’ is all about and Cymric youth today, if they are serious about a free Cymru, should follow her example.

 Anita is now with other good and dedicated Cymric patriots in Ogof Glyndŵr – and we are confident that we will meet again there one day, in the meantime, my thoughts are with Phil and the family at this terribly sad time. R.I.P. Anita.

 Siân &  Gethin. 


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Saturday, 12 January 2013


Gwaun Valley in Pembrokeshire celebrates New Year, again - BBC
 People living in the Gwaun Valley in Pembrokeshire follow the ancient Julian calendar, which the rest of ... Gwaun Valley marks old New Year ...


Mae'r Frwydr Yn Parhau

the big issuesofraniaeth 2013 sovereignty campaign.

16 hours ago – CROESO! PLAID GLYNDWR. Estabished November 2012. The Plan: Initially we intend not to set our sights to high and ...

Given the great sadness over Machynlleth, not least because it will be much revisited during 2012 we are putting above as a major event on hold until further notice. Instead we shall be holding a private event for dedicated Pobl Glyndwr to discuss and initiate project plans to develop over the coming years up to 2016 not least as it will concern the for real Plaid Glyndwr - The Welsh National Sovereignty Party.

One Day Soon

But first Educate and Organise to be free!

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