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Rali Gwladgarol Twt Hill 2013?

2013 Declare Plas Glyndwr 1401?

Caernarfon Castle was not taken but by 1403 English Castle rule of Wales had come to and end with most Castles under siege and a few taken or destroyed and made of no use. This of course paved the way for the establishment of Cenedl Glyndwr - Cenedl Cymru Rydd with establishment of Senedd Glyndwr at Machynlleth on 21 Mehefin 1404 along with Glyndwr's coronation as Owain IV 'Tywysog Cymru'. Proposal is to commemorate the great event of 1403 as below, if pobl Glyndwr Ystrad Tywi up to the commitment to organise a major three day festival to commemorate the end of English Castle rule. Note this will also include a conclusion event on Stalling Down to commemorate Brwydr Bryn Owain that summer of bringing an end to English Castle rule of Cymru/Wales.

Llandovery - Caerfyrddin - Penfro.

THE FUTURE - IS IT WELL FOR G660 - 2014 and beyond?

Any advance on promoting and commemorating Hanes Glyndwr requires Corwen and Machynlleth very much are towns at the centre of Coffad Glyndwr. Corwen appears to be getting it's act together but still as a long way to go so it will be Machynlleth which concerns me for a number of reasons, not least because we have over last decade put much effort into that town at center of our work inc at Pennal with Ardd Arwyr Glyndwr at Cefn Caer:


So, what of Machynlleth, possibly for the Town and the Centre to move on securely and  positively what is needed is as at Cosmeston Medieval Village a Trust of committed and dedicated supporters to back up:

As a measure of support for the above, I would suggest that they (Cosmeston Medieval Village Centre) become the third major National Venue for annual Glyndwr commemoration, in particular with further develoment of Teyrnas Glyndwr in mind:

Further to above, I would suggest to Macvhynlleth Council that they advance establishment of a:


I do not seek to get in to a long protracted debate as to why and wherefore the situation re Canolfan Glyndwr as I am sure the bottom line is we want to see Canolfan Glyndwr and Machynlleth Town as the main Hanes Glyndwr Commemoration center saved and back on line as a successful endeavor as speedy as possible. Other than the aforementioned Trust I suggest advance of a Glyndwr Towns Association Initiative in the first instance with Embassy Glyndwr as a major national promotion of G660 - 2014 and beyond to 2016. Over this three year period such a GTA could realy establish itself as a joint Tourism promotion exercise and also via our 21 June propsals tie in an annual meeting of the GTA to participate in the Coron Glyndwr ceremony. You will see below a letter to be sent out to initially sell our new flag but I am also promoting such a GTA. I consider it as useful to Machynnleth as we for Machynlleth Council to be involved.

Gethin Gruffydd on behalf of Sian Ifan.

Declaration of Intent.

                                                                                      The coming three years 2014 - 2015 - 2016 mark three very important anniversaries in the history of Owain Glyndwr, they are:

2014: 660th Anniversary of the birth of Owain Glyndwr in 1354 and following on revolts of 1315 - 16 and 1344 - 1345 also the Black Death, a period of growing discontent with oppressive English Colonial rule. The latter half of the 14th century was a period of much outlawry by 'Adar y Greim' as a proto resistance to English rule and roots of the later Gwerin Owain and following 1536 'People of the Pitchfork' resistance to enclosure land grabbing by English Lords and treacherous Native Cambro - Brit Gentry Quislings. THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES >

2015: Marks the last phase of the War of Independence to become a 'Guerrilla War' and reason why very few Welsh were at Battle of Azincourt despite later Tudor propaganda stating otherwise for their Cambro - Brit ends. The reality is that after 14 years of intense liberation struggle and two centuries of Conquest and Colonisation the majority of Welsh had no interest in fighting for the English against the French but were more likely to fight for the French against the English as Henri Gwyn and Son of Llansteffan. PRESENT DAY CAMBRO - BRITS REALLY NEED TO GET REAL  AND STOP FLIRTING WITH BAD HISTORY AND SHAKE OFF SHAKESPEARE's LIES >

2016: Is the year it is said Glyndwr 'disappeared', some say died others not? Whatever the struggle was to continue, increasingly as a rearguard war of resistance to ongoing English advance but was not to conclude untill the surrender of Maredudd ab Owain on 8 Ebrill 1421. After which resistance was carried out by Gwerin Outlaw Rebels up to 1536 and beyond despite the execution of Rhys ap Gruffydd of Dehuebarth in 1529 who had declared himself 'Prince of Wales' and with his Uncle James was with Scots and Irish support planning a revolt.This was followed by a campaign of vicious harrying of so called 'Welsh Bandits' by hanging Judge Rowland Lee on behalf of the 'Richmond Regime Representatives' in Cymru/Wales.


We at Embassy Glyndwr are promoting and advancing a three year commemorative program, where we invite through our Pobl Glyndwr to prompt Local Authorities, Communities and Societies to participate by quite simply themselves visiting their local Hanes Glyndwr or just revisiting the Gwaith Glyndwr we have done over these past years and see what they can turn to their local advantage again or/and advance areas of Gwaith Glyndwr we failed to deliver on. 

In this we shall of course be of assistance but an idea we had to take it much further is to suggest that all the towns of Wales that have a Glyndwr Connection set up a GLYNDWR TOWNS ASSOCIATION in main to promote local interest in Hanes Glyndwr and period in association with the above commemorations COFFAD GLYNDWR 2014/15/16 in their own localities as educational and  leisure activities also as Tourism attracting events. Thus such as the GTA would be also a major Tourism Promotion Platform internationally over the coming three years and perhaps beyond if working well why give up a good idea.

To advance such as a GTA and ideas associated above and further, we are suggesting Towns with an interest in such would be favorable to sending representatives to a national meeting to review these suggestions and discuss their implementation and advancement. We at Embassy Glyndwr would prefer it if such GTA became it's own body and it is our attention if and when set up we in time will stand aside.

To further advance this Cofad Glyndwr 2014/15/16 and at present pre launch of our Glyndwr 660 - 2014 we are are making available a new large Glyndwr baner 5' X 8' available to all but as they are in limited number we are hoping as many Glyndwr Towns as possible will buy and fly this new banner all year around and particularly over years aforementioned. We would hope that Community Councils would do like wise mindful of the fact that Senedd Glydwr 1404 was established by all to representatives of commotes, that is the Communities of the day and not by right of lords as was the Parliament of Simone De Montfort so looked upon as the 'Mother' of all Parliaments.

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