Wednesday, 11 March 2015

See below, an e-mail that I recieved yesterday from a Deputy Clerk at the Welsh Assembly following my telephone query as to why a petition that embassy Glyndŵr had sent to the Assembly Petition Page on the Assembly's website well (over two weeks ago) had not appeared yet on the Petition's page to enable supporters of the petition to sign it. The message recieved is in Cymraeg but roughly and briefly translated it states that:

 The Welsh Assembly has not got the powers to denote public or bank holidays in Cymru, only the United Kingdom has those powers so your petition is not acceptable for consideration by the Assembly.

So, there we have it, we havent even got the basic powers to designate and promote our own symbols of sovereignty and independence in that 'hollow toothless dragon' of a building they call a Welsh Assembly in Bae Caerdydd. If we can't even have the right to promote our Independence flag with a designated Independence Day - what hope have we of ever winning independence? The powers that be in Westminster, and their lackies in Cymru, will make sure that 'Cymric Independence' never sees the light of Day UNLESS...we step out of this mentality where we have been brainwashed to believe that we must ask the London Government for permission for everything!   We can begin to act independently immediately by flying the Glyndŵr flag, our National Independence flag, whereever possible and at every opportunity. We can make our own 'independent' statement almost immediately by the 'first act' of taking our Independence flag to fly at the Independence Rally in Bae Caerdydd on April 4th and then, we can send everyone we know worldwide (including press and media) 'happy Cymric Independence Day'  greetings on May 28th along with an impressive pic of the Glyndŵr Independence flag.

Let's not turn to London, as beggars, 'cap in hand' anymore to beg for our independence as a nation, Instead, let's build up the momentum and support here in Cymru, by expressing our defiance of English rule with symbolic acts such as the flying of our independence flag.

See the message I recieved below in red, and underneath it, the 'rejected' petition.

Cyn y gallwn gynnal deiseb ar wefan y Cynulliad, mae angen inni sicrhau ei bod yn dderbyniol o dan Reolau Sefydlog y Cynulliad a thelerau ac amodau deisebau. Mae hyn yn cynnwys sicrhau nad yw'n gofyn i’r Cynulliad wneud rhywbeth nad oes ganddo'r pŵer i'w wneud. Llywodraeth y DU sy’n gyfrifol am bwerau sy'n ymwneud â dynodi gwyliau cyhoeddus a banc o dan Adran 1 ac Atodlen 1 o Ddeddf Bancio a Thrafodion Ariannol 1971. Mae hyn yn golygu nad yw eich deiseb yn dderbyniadwy i'w hystyried o dan broses ddeisebau'r Cynulliad.
Mae croeso i chi gysylltu â mi os hoffech drafod hyn ymhellach.
Dymuniadau gorau,
Kathryn Thomas
Dirprwy Glerc / Deputy Clerk
Gwasanaeth y Siambr a Phwyllgorau / Chamber and Committee Service
Petition calling for May 28th to be officially recognised as a National Day to fly the Independence flag of Cymru.

On the 26th May 1999, The Western Mail newspaper published a full front page article under the heading ‘Celebration of a Nation ‘ and in that article, much was made of the fact that the Cymric Assembly that the politicians of 1999 were campaigning for, had, in fact, been won 593 years previously when Prince Owain Glyndŵr established his Parliament in Machynlleth in June 1404. Since the appearance of the aforementioned article, the present Assembly has seen fit to make use of the said Senedd Glyndŵr, along with Cymric history as a whole, as tools to build a nation – in the hope that the present Assembly will develop into a Senedd in the unforeseen future. But, Embassy Glyndŵr believes that if this aim is to be realised, then the Assembly, and the rest of Cymru, must, once and for all, recognise and embrace the only flag that can symbolise and represent the aspirations of the Assembly for our nation. The flag in question is the one that flew over the Independent Cymru Senedd in Machynlleth in 1404, namely, the  ‘Four Lions Rampant’ flag of Prince Owain Glyndŵr and not the red dragon on the field of white and green flag of Henry Tudor, the flag of a man that could not wait to wear the English crown and ditch his Cymric roots.


Prince Owain Glyndŵr was born on May 28th 1354 so, Embassy Glyndŵr sees this date as ideal to note officially as a National Day to fly the Independence flag of Cymru – the Glyndŵr flag. Flying this, our Independence Flag all over Cymru, as well as worldwide, annually on this date would be, both, a means to celebrate the birth of our most importance of national heroes as well as a means of ‘seriously’ noting the re-birth of that new nation that is aspired for.


Embassy Glyndŵr, and all the signatories of this petition, therefore petitions the Assembly in Bae Caerdydd to recognise and act on the call for May 28th to be officially established as the National Day to fly the Independence Flag of Cymru annually.

Monday, 2 February 2015


A Call for a Cymric National Flag Day.


Embassy Glyndŵr has been inspired to issue this call for a Cymric National Flag Day as a result of following present day to day reports on the continuous struggle of the Kurdish people who have, against overwhelming odds, fought vigorously for their independence since the 1500’s when their lands were occupied by the Ottoman Empire.
The Kurds, from the onset, have recognised that if they are to win their struggle for independence that it is imperative that they maintain a strong national identity as a people, and they have also recognised that the means towards this end is to nurture and promote their own national symbols of Independence. The most visual of these symbols is their Independence flag, made up of a blazing sun centred on a red, white and green background. This is the flag that they presented to the International delegation at the Paris Peace Conference that devised a plan for Kurdish Independence as part of the Treaty of Sėrves with Ottoman Turkey in 1920, and this was the flag that was used again in 1927 when the first ‘Kurdish Government in exile’ was formed, and this was the flag that was adopted by the Republic of Kurdistan in 1946 as the official flag of the Republic and is widely flown in all sectors of Kurdistan today by various Kurdish movements and entities. We can also, of course, delight in seeing this flag in news reports, flying proudly in Kurdish lands reclaimed on a daily basis by the Peshmerga Kurdish forces in their current brave stand against ISIS.
There is do doubt in regards to what the Kurdish flag symbolises and stands for and following a call by Massaud Barzani, President of the Kurdistan Region, official and popular celebrations are held annually on National Kurdish Flag Day throughout Kurdistan. This is a visual means of showing unity in the Kurdish determination to be independent and in preparation for this day, markets bustle with thousands shopping for the Kurdish Independence flag and schools throughout Kurdistan hold festivals and proudly fly the flag – their Independence flag.
In Cymru, the only flag that can symbolise Cymric Independence is the Four Lions Rampant flag of our greatest of national heroes, our warrior Prince Owain Glyndŵr. This great enigmatic Cymric leader was the only Cymric leader, to date, to really de-occupy Cymru of the Anglo Normans and re-establish Cymric Independence in the opening decade of the 15th century, following on over 100 years of Anglo Norman occupation. Similar to the Kurds, Prince Owain Glyndŵr and the Cymry fought against overwhelming odds; a nation of 50,000 against a nation (and the military might) of three million.  When the time came and the Cymry could give no more and the Cymric War of Independence waned due to lack of men and resources, Price Owain was never captured by the enemy – and was never betrayed - as had been the case with his predecessors. True to his enigmatic personality, he mysteriously disappeared into the mists of history leaving us with the prophecy that he, the Son of Prophecy, would return when the Cymry were strong enough to call on him to, once again, lead us to Independence under his Independence flag, the Four Lions Rampant. So, he left us with the legacy that the struggle for Cymric Independence continues.
Prince Owain Glyndŵr was born on the 28th May 1354 so, what better date than that to designate as our Cenedl Glyndŵr National Flag Day, a day to celebrate the birth and achievements of our most important of national heroes as well as a day to celebrate the continual struggle for Independence of our land and the self determination of our people.
The Kurdish people over the centuries have been consistently dedicated and uncompromising in their struggle for Independence in a way that we in Cymru can only admire and, hopefully, learn from if we are ever to reach that goal of Independence and survival as an entity. So, are we, as Cymry, strong enough now to take that first basic of steps of declaring our allegiance to Cenedl Glyndŵr by flying the Four Lions Rampant, the Independence flag that we have inherited from our warrior leader and the only flag that can symbolize Cymric Independence? If our Cymric political leaders are ‘for real’ about gaining Independence for Cymru, then they should do as the Kurdish President did and call for May 28th to be our National Flag Day and for the Four Lions Rampant to be officially adopted as our flag of Independence. That one symbolic move, without doubt, would be a big step forward towards achieving Cymric independence, so, let’s all show our politicians by example, that we are going ahead anyway and are adopting 28th May as National flag Day and will do as the Kurds do, and encourage our people throughout Cymru to ensure that they have bought Glyndŵr’s Four Lion Rampant, our flag of Independence by May 28th so that we can, like the Kurds, celebrate our determination to achieve our ultimate goal of Independence by the flying of our independence flag on official and business buildings, schools, hotels, castles, homes etc throughout Cymru. Let’s show the world at large that Cymru is strong enough to declare our defiance to English rule of our nation and let’s declare, strongly, our intention to continue the struggle of our warrior Prince Owain Glyndŵr for National Liberation and Independence of our homeland by the flying of his Independence flag.
So are we serious about achieving our goal of Independence in Cymru? If so, start at the basics and make sure that you have got your Four Lions Rampant flag ready to fly for the launch of the National Flag Day of Cenedl Glyndŵr – Cenedl Cymru Rydd om May 28th and organise celebrations in your communities to coincide. Do it this year and annually until we achieve our ultimate goal.
I must stress, that those that are ‘serious’ about wanting to contribute to a ‘serious’ campaign for Cymric Independence, must, once and for all, shake off the ‘shackles of Britishness’ that has and will forever stifle our struggle, and that includes ridding yourselves of the ‘Henry Tudor red dragon flag’ that has been foisted on us since 1958 as a means of keeping us forged to the British Empire. Have you got that strength and determination to get rid of it once and for all and ’instead, embrace the true flag of Cymru and Cymric Independence, the ‘Four Lions Rampant’ of Prince Owain Glyndŵr.
The ‘Four Lion Rampant’ flag can be purchased in Siopau Cymraeg throughout Cymru as well as on many market stalls now. It can also be purchased at Cefn Caer Medieval Hall House Pennal, where you can also take advantage of an opportunity to view the medieval hall house, the Glyndŵr Crown, The Glyndŵr Heroes Memorial Garden and the exhibition on the Life and Times of Owain Glyndŵr.
Extra large 5ft x 8 ft Owain Glyndŵr flags can be purchased from Embassy Glyndŵr for £15 plus £3 p&p. Send e-mail to me at to process your purchase.
Why wait…be spontaneous…take your Independence flag to the Six Nations Rugby tournament games as well as all other sporting or/and public events.