Wednesday, 16 January 2013



 Cymric patriot Anita Venables has sadly passed away this morning. Although Anita, along with her husband Phil,  has been a Cymric activist for decades, we, personally, did not get the opportunity to meet the couple until last year when, as part of the South Cymru Balchder Cymru group, they joined up with Embassy Glyndŵr to fight the Stryveland campaign against the windmilling of Mynydd y Betws and the rest of Cymru. During this campaign, we had the opportunity to talk quite a lot with Anita and Phil and found them both to be exceptionally  pleasant as well as being  genuine and dedicated Cymric patriots who were prepared to work tirelessly in order to do their bit for Cymric freedom. During the Stryveland campaign alone – and although they did not have access to a car, they travelled from Pembroke by train to Swansea to participate in picketing the docks and in protest rallies on a number of occasions and in all types of weather - although Anita was, quite obviously, in pain throughout.  And for use during both the picketing and protesting, Anita came equipped with large bed sheets covered in relevant slogans which she busied herself with tying to fences. Not only this, Anita (along with Phillip) on that day stressed their eagerness to carry out an act of passive resistance there and then, by sitting down in front of the Turbine Transports. But we advised against doing it then considering it possibly best to do so in the centre of Pontardawe at a more public place and where more aggravation could be caused to the Turbine Transportation to Mynydd y Betws. This opportunity was not to arise due to the fact that not enough ‘patriots’ were ever at Pontardawe during the transportations to carry the intended 'sit down' protest out but, we have no doubt that if Anita could have been there during the transportations, she is one brave patriot that would have had the courage of conviction to have committed to such radical patriotic action. She was definitely a great example as to what ‘activism’ is all about and Cymric youth today, if they are serious about a free Cymru, should follow her example.

 Anita is now with other good and dedicated Cymric patriots in Ogof Glyndŵr – and we are confident that we will meet again there one day, in the meantime, my thoughts are with Phil and the family at this terribly sad time. R.I.P. Anita.

 Siân &  Gethin. 


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