Sunday, 1 September 2013

16 MEDI 1400: ANNUALLY OUR NATIONAL HERO DAY TO COMMEMORATE AND CELEBRATE ACROSS THE LAND IN EVERY COMMUNITY - Make Ready with Great Effort, Endeavour and Enterprize, Prepare and Organise To Make It this Year a Fitting Prologue to G660 - 2014 Commemoration.



Our G660 - 2014 Souvenirs based on above will be available in time as
 T - Shirts, Badges, Patches, Stickers and Key Rings etc. Only buy from G660 supported  suppliers as below:

Not Opportunist Dilettante Individuals posing as Welsh Nationalists and Imposter Glyndwr People.

Other Glyndwr Information:

Be of the Pobl Glyndwr - Commemorate and Celebrate  Hanes Glyndwr but also as important actively assist in organisation via Llysgenhadaeth Initiatives as G660 - 2014 'Glyndwr Communities and also via Teyrnas Glyndwr and Theatre Glyndwr whilst as Gwerin Owain Campaign with Tarian Glyndwr in defence of our heritage in the Landscape.

G660 - 2014 Promotional Material and Souvenirs, please only buy from Llysgenhadaeth Glyndwr or producers we support as they do us a promotional service. Have no truck with opportunist who pose as patriots and pobl Glyndwr to sell 'Nationalist Merchandise' for private profit or to fund their Dilettante ao called 'Patriotic Fringe' adventurism and not the hard work of actual Gwaith Glyndwr in active support for Achos Glyndwr but rather on their pointless posturing patriotism to no good purpose. If in doubt regards such individuals who you will usually flogging their stuff on fb, just ask them where the money is going.

The future is with Ieunctid Glyndwr - our 'Mudiad Plant Darogan.

 Of course we are too old to join up with the Ieunctid Glyndwr but we count ourselves as Gwerin Owain - Pobl Glyndwr 'Activistis' but even that must come to an end for a good while as Sian is moving home. This will take much packing and moving stuff and then putting it back together and that will take up to the new year 2014 but we have set in motion G660 - 2014 Commemoration for Pobl Glyndwr to carry on with very much as your own Individual or 'Glyndwr Community' endeavour whilst we need to focus in years ahead on archiving Embassy Glyndwr Material to deposit in our Ty Cenedl Collection at NLW. Other than this we want to focus in years ahead on Owain Glyndwr themed books and DVD's and so now other than noting all this also note that Sian must put her PC off to facilitate setting up in her new home and this could take some time which will also mean that her email will be out of action for a while but she can be contacted on her mobile phone 07772321511. Inc ordering flags this way and soon a Glyndwr book by Terry Breverton will be available from Embassy Glyndwr at a discount price signed by the Author.

Sian Ifan and Gethin Gruffydd.


PS: Do make effort to visit Cefn Caer to see Sian's exhibition and please do support our Ardd Arwyr Glyndwr Initiative there. Diolch yn Fawr.