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INTRODUCTION: The Next Five Years 2010 - 2015. GLYNDWR 660 - 2014 and AZINCOURT 2015.

Commemorating the Glyndwr years 1410 to 1415 the year of Azincourt in which Anglo - Welsh history makes much of the Welsh  supporting Henry V against the French. However, little is made of Glyndwr's followers who if not becoming Gwerin Owain Rebel Outlaws became mercenaries, following a Glyndwr captain Henry Gwyn to fight with the French at Azincourt. In this latter connection Embassy Glyndwr will complete the five year plan now being briefly presented with an outing to the 600th Azincourt anniversary commemoration. To this end we shall be organising under auspicises of our Teyranas Glyndwr Initiative, so that our Embassy participation in Azincourt Commemoration will in part be a Medieval Living History contribution. If wishing to participate then take an interest in the Teyrnas Glyndwr Initiative, see blog below:

TEYRNAS GLYNDWR - Glyndwr's Kingdom.

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TEYRNAS GLYNDWR - Glyndwr's Kingdom. An Archive in promotion, development and advance of Cenedl Glyndwr - Welsh Living History Interpretations produced and ... - Cached

Embassy Glyndwr was founded in Clerkenwell, London in 1999 our first Gwaith Glyndwr was promoting work on an Ardd Coffad Catrin, over 11 years since we have done a great deal of work in support of Achos Glyndwr. 2010 marks 600th anniversary of the last major military action undertaken by Owain Glyndwr, the raid on Shropshire in 1410, an account of which and our recent commemorative activity we have wriiten up in a post with pictures on our blog Glyndwr Battles Blog, see link below: 


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This outing marked the conclusion to a decade plus one of Embassy work in Achos Glyndwr, we now come to a new departure where we have to now focus on our internal work areas as archiving our paper work, photographs and film. Much of the archive will go to libraries, so too the photographs and film in due course. However, over the coming years we are refocusing much effort on producing books, pamphlets and DVD's as a record of our work also as a means of promoting our patriotic purpose. Such we hope will prompt patriots to continue our work within their own communities, our Llysgenhadaeth Glyndwr will then concentrate more as an Embassy in promoting Hanes and Gwaith Glyndwr World wide. To this end a key initiative will be in establishing world wide a Byd Glyndwr Foundation International, Byd Glyndŵr

Other than above Embassy Staff will be working hard to advance a major Commemoration in 2014 to celebrate the birth of Owain Glyndwr in 1354, again an important anniversary marking 660 years since the coming of our Mab Darogan. To this end we shall soon open new blog GLYNDWR 660, this will contain all the information, advice and ideas you will need to make Glyndwr 660 2014 a magnificient event both Nationally, locally and not least World Wide, see link below:

This new blog GALWAD GLYNDWR in due course will replace Owain Glyndwr Communicates as our regular communications blog, so stand by this is not the end of Embassy Glyndwr but be prepared for a major new beginning.