Friday, 13 June 2014


Annwyl Pobl Glyndwr.
What with the UKIP advance into Wales in recent Euro Elections and what appears to be the very successful advance of the SNP Scottish Independence Referendum Campaign we in Cymru might be forgiven for being disillusioned or full of self doubt. As we await for a really radical Welsh Independence Struggle to be re launched to equal that of the Scots campaigning. To I hope inspire and maybe prompt ‘Welsh Independence Faint Hearts and Self Doubters’ to support hopefully a soon to be ‘Welsh Independence’ Campaign. I remind that soon on 21 Mehefin will be anniversary of ‘Senedd Glyndwr 1404’  - Senedd Cenedl Cymru Rydd being established in Machynlleth at which Owain Glyndwr was crowned Owain IV ‘Tywysog Cymru – An ‘Independence day’ worthy of our commemoration as ‘Dydd Sofraniaeth’ as Embassy Glyndwr declared on 21 Mehefin 2004 and celebrating throughout the land and of course visiting Machynlleth – Prif Ddinas Owain IV. There you can visit Canolfan Owain Glyndwr, reaffirm your pobl Glyndwr oath ‘Juratus Oweyn’ on Parliament Green and see Coffad Glyndwr at Y Plas. Take walk up Penrallt to rise up your Baneri Glyndwr also not to forget Visit Cefn Caer Medieval House and in it’s grounds an excellent Hanes Glyndwr exhibition and not least Ardd Arwyr Glyndwr – Take a flower in memory of Milwyr Glyndwr who fought and died for our Country 1400 – 1416 – 1421.
Sian Ifan Llysgenhadaeth Glyndwr.

PS: Please make every effort to visit Machynlleth as Canolfan Owain Glyndwr needs your support and our ‘Gwaith Hanes Glyndwr’ at Cefn Caer is really worth seeing.


Now as result of the Jobbins/Parry 'Rallies For Welsh Independence' Initiative' coming to nothing, very odd to say the least after all the big sell it turned out as just another but shorter lived fb 'Cyber Nat' fantasy. So what now? Read the latest postings from Embassy Glyndwr and consider thru the week, then make every effort to get to Machynlleth to back our 'Call for Sovereignty' on Penrallt. Otherwise what happens next is very much up to you and other Patriots. Myself consider that an 'Independence Council'. and an extra 'Parliamentary Patriotic Platform' for Welsh Independence still as life enough to go forward but as I said it is up to you.


Thus think and talk it thru and come to some decision, even if only to leave on the table to discuss again, possibly at Corwen on or about 16 Medi 'Dydd Glyndwr' which might also be location for the first RALLY FOR WELSH INDEPENDENCE?

I cannot participate in the above other than as an observer as I have enough on my plate re the Tarian Glyndwr Mawr Campaign plus archive work and not least my future contribution will be in the RESTORATION OF SENEDD GLYNDWR 2016 INITIATIVE which I hope to present at 'Dydd Sofraniaeth 2015' gathering. I will of course support any decision taken which advances the cause, campaigns and struggle for Welsh Independence.

Gethin Gruffydd.