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2016 is the 600th Anniversary of the disappearence of Owain Glyndwr after 16 years of leading a war for national independence. Some said he had died, those of the Tudor Cambro Brit propagandists would with the 'Richmonds' to the English throne disparage our last true Prince ‘Tywysog Cymru’ to suit the Tudor desire to be kings of England and not Princes of Wales. The Tudor Propagandists for most part their Welsh Lackies would declare Glyndwr as mad for seeking to restore Welsh Independence.


Thus it was to be that these Tudor Historians of Welsh History as Tudor Lickspittals such as David Powell sought to paint Independent Welsh History as concluding in 1282 with the death of Llywelyn III as the last native Prince of Wales and the conquest of our country by Edward I King of  England. Making the year 1282 the big End, year zero of native Independent Hisory and that 1485 and Battle of Bosworth would be the new beginning of our country to be annexed in 1536 as a colony of England which we have continued to be to this day. (O.M.EDWARDS in 19th century would follow this 'Ich Dein'path too)

 The English Bard William Shakespeare would go even further in disparaging Glyndwr, making him out to be a man of the past believing in myth and magic whilst the English Kings Henry IV and Henry V were more men of their times (Progressive) and all the more successful for it not least Henry V with his Victory at Azincourt being promoted by Shakespeare as much a Welsh Victory as an English one. Yet much written about Azincourt and the Welsh Connection is again lies made propaganda as regards ‘Welsh Archers’, not so many as often made out. Although Henry V honoured these ‘turncoats’ by making St David’s Day occaision of a festival for Wales, now a 'Taffy' Welsh National Day Festival.


However it is the iconism of the ‘Three Feathers’ of the English ‘Black Prince’ and associated motto of ‘Ich Dein’ which has really enslaved the Welsh Mind to English ‘Cerebral Colonialism’ and fostered ‘Historical Amnesia’. Further. Encouraged by the 18th century Society of Ancient Britons and later Cymrodorion and by Vicorian Welsh ‘Cambrian Cultural Nationalists’ as Owen M. Edwards. Such became the foundations of the present day ‘Crachach Newydd’ establishment. Today this is all contiuously perpetuated by a treacherous so called Welsh Education system and Theatre Establishment with a Colonial Cultural Nationalism funded by England and it’s colonial puppet  Parliament in Cardiff.

Plaid Cymru  seen in the ‘sixties’ the uses of Owain Glyndwr as a ‘Nationalist icon’ to fire up a radical political nationalism but since as the ideals and ambitions of CyIG have been fullfilled largely to sustain ‘Y Crachach Newydd’ and make of they an ‘English Client Tribe’ also Plaid Cymru having reached the pinnicle of their hopes in a Welsh Assembly, their Nationalism has become little more then ‘Devolution Dillettantism’. Yet, there are those amongst Plaid Cymru pathetic fringe of camp followers who believe it more important to remember Llywelyn III and 1282 as much as centuries of later Cambro Brits. In our times we se that the annual Rali Cilmeri platform has removed from promoting an ‘Adfywiad Gwladgarol’ towards little more than a Pathetic Fringe aka  ‘Climeri’s Cream Crackers’ pre – Xmas booze up.


 Last year was set up a so called YESCYMRU to campaign for Independence, they for most part being patriots who cannot see that the fight for Independence can only be one that is associated with the campaign for Land and Liberty to liberate lands held by the English Crown and Aristocrats also carpet bagging economic ‘wind farm’ Colonisers.The reality is that Nationalists must realise the way forward towards Independence can only be via Land and Liberty struggle has we have promoted in our campaign ‘Tarian Glyndwr’.


Further, Nationalists must see sense in making a patriotic priority campaigns against Economic Corporate Capitalist Carpet bagging. Further, priority patriotism must focus on Anti – Cerebral Colonialism and do all posible to sweep aside Historical Amnesia. This may be achieved in a number of ways as passivelly via Cofiwn style commemorations and work as setting up memorials as advocated by the blog ‘I’R GAD Welsh Battlefield Campaign also pro – activelly in campaigns for resoration of our stolen native royal and national treasures as advocated by YMGYRCH TREFTADAETH CYMRU.


It is seriously time for true patriots who must of neccessity declare themselves to be radical nationalists and not cultural nationalists serving nought but ‘Y Crachach Newydd’ establishment and a Plaid Cymru that as become the party of naff nats aka ‘devolution dillettantes’ who seek personal and finnancial advancement in the neo colonial puppet parliament in  ‘Bae Caerdydd’ a Plaid Cymru seeking to be the servants still of a renewed desguised ‘Act of Union’ and whom now seek to establish a new ‘Act of Union’ with the European Union aka Fourth Reich of course under the control of a Germananic Imperislism. Is this what real true Nationalists want? If no there is but one alternative that will lead to freedom and Independence in reclaiming our Nations Sovereignty in the restoration of Senedd Glyndwr – Senedd Cenedl Cymru Rydd. To Begin with WEXIT:

 To this end patriotic pupose, here is what must be done ditch the ‘Dream of Freedom’ and the Pathetic Fringe of Plaid Cymru with it’s camp following YES CYMRU which as more to do with the foolish vanities of it’s founders. Not least wallow not in the pre Xmas gathering of ‘Cilmeri Cream Crackers’ remembering our nations defeat in 1282 as these days advanced by opportunists as ‘Petersens Pacifists’ and Balchder Cymru (aka Cambria Band) fb fantasy Island fusiliers. True Radical Nationalists must set aside such distractions and deviationism and instead declare for a struggle that seeks to see a renewal of a nationalist struggle that will seek to re-establish Senedd Glyndwr in Machynlleth. First steps towards this end purpose must be restore the annual gathering of patriots in Machynlleth on about 21 Mehefin to commemorate founding of Senedd Glyndwr and celebrate coronation of Glyndwr as Owain IV on that day in 1404.

21 Mehefin designated by Embassy Glyndwr as ‘Dydd Sofraniaeth’, a day more important than any other in our History. On this day and there abouts in Machynlleth you will have opportunity on Parliament Green to swear for first time or renew ‘Juratus Oweyn’ to be made ‘pobl Glyndwr’ not simply as oath of loyalty to our last Prince of Wales – ‘Tywysog Owain IV’ but as an oath to unsheath Glyndwr’s Sword symbolically as showing you hence are of the ‘Gwerin Owain’, activists in the struggle for Welsh Freedom and Independence – ‘SOVEREIGNTY’. Your first step in this direction now will be to realise Plaid Cymru has not just sold out but as totally failed and mispresents the cause of national struggle as now like wise ‘YESCYMRU’ in it’s foolish notions that will achieve nothing.

 Embassy Glyndwr since 1999 have done all possible to advance commemoration and celebration of Owain Glyndwr and his great achievement of leading a sixteen year struggle (continued to 1421 by his son Maredudd) For Welsh Independence. It is time for us to remind Patriots all we of Embassy Glyndwr have achieved with just an handfull of support and little money as we have never made appeals for cash but rather sought dedicated commitment but as often as not been back stabbed and undermined by such as Cymdeiths Owain Glyndwr and Canolfan Owain Glyndwr’ adding to the pack such asc the ‘Hawliau Hogworts’ Nevertheless we have ploughed on and brough to our cause and our National Struggle:


·       Baner Glyndwr

·       Coron Glyndwr.

·       Cleddyf y Genedl.

·       Dagr Glyndwr

·       Also Ardd Arwyr Glyndwr at Cefn Caer

·       Arddabganfosfa Glyndwr at Cefn Caer.

·       Commemorative Plaques at Moel y Don and Twt Hill and not least promoted Catrin Memorial in London? Before it was Hi – Jacked by Cymdethias Owain Glyndwr.Also A verity of commemorative events as in Corwen and not least Machynlleth. Plus taken stalls to events as Coity, Usk On top of this ran various promorions not least of Dydd Arwyr Glyndwr 16 Medi annually as well as 28 May Glyndwr’s Birthday.Finnaly the Campaigning of TARIAN GLYNDWR at Vyrnwy and Mydd y Bettws and Myddyd y Gwair. Also campaigning to make of the A470 Fordd Genedlathol Glyndwr and much more.


However, despite all this far too many patriots forget that much of the above has been advanced upon which to build a real struggle. Instead fooolishly continue to engage in pointlessness of Rali Cilmeri and in following the lazy and gutless pointlessness of the fb pathetic Patriotism of Balchder Cymru and Hawliau despite  their non Activer reality. 2016 will provide opportunity to rethink where your at and the wrong directions you have been taking and instead come over to the greatest cause and in this year of 2016 which some say is the year commemorating 1416 Glyndwr died will be the year of 2016 in which Owain Glyndwr our Mab Darogan will return in many patriots embodying this as a reality of the proposed 2016 Medi 16 Rally at Mynydd y Gwair.

Post Script: The majority of Welsh Nationalists do not fully understand the achievements of Owain Glyndwr and his followers, time they did, so let me briefyl educate an ignorence or lacking in full appreciation. First, 119 years had passed since 1282, that is 119 years of conquest and colonisation and destruction of national consciousness and identity by undermining of a 1000 years of Cymric Dynasties, theft of National treasures and replacing of Welsh Laws and traditions by the Statutes of Rhuddlan. Such not alone around the English Castles of Wales their Colonial Towns continued to grow as well surround land being stolen by leans of trickery and ethnic cleansing.


Hundred of Welsh men had become Mercenariess in Englands Military Machine and Continental Armies wilst others had become ‘Adar y Griem’ outlaws of the wild places, later with runaway serfs, Bondmen and Tennant would become the basis of Glyndwr’s largelly Peasant Army and later post 1416 – 1536 ‘Y Gwerin Owain’ Gurrilla Outlaws and later Social Bandits as the Red Bandits of Dinas Mawddwy. Thus to make of all this a great acheivement can only be seen as even greater achievement when one takes aboard the fact that a Nation of some 500.000 people are in 1400 going to make a big decision to take on an English population of some 3 Million with at it’s call one of Europes greatest military machines in men and equipment and organised supply system backed up by the ‘Fortress Wales’ Castles as well as many of a Welsh Gentry that had sold out. Yet a 16 – 21 year war, how did they do it when compared with so many patriots who today are far too gutless to be involved in protests or just too lazy to be involved in campaigns as for Land and Liberty against the Wind Farmers as the English Aristocrat Beaufort.


Thus think on all this and be mindfull of much and present day realities to come to a personal truth, you have a big decision to make remain serving Plaid Cymru Dillettant Devoilutionism and ‘Y Crachach Newydd’ Client Tribe also followers of ‘Balchder Babes’ and ‘Hawliau Hogworts’ and now YESCYMRU vain Nationalism also of late the bizzare White Eagle ‘Class and Democracy’ Maoists. Alternatively make the Big Decision and be ‘Pobl Glyndwr’ and ‘Gwerin Owain’ activists. First step, make your way to Mynydd y Gwair for and annual ‘Dydd Glyndwr’ (16 Medi 1400) gathering on 17 Medi 2016 to make our stand in defence of our land and resistence to it’s confiscation by RWE Economic Land Grabbing Colonisers to the benefit of the Duke of Somerset of the ‘Beaufort Bunch’ to stop them in their tracks to enclose our commons. Surely, if the Peasants of Mynydd Bach culd take back their land  Welsh Patriots can take back this land of Mynydd y Gwair so it  does not become ‘Beauforts Bounty’.




Gethin ap Gruffydd.