Saturday, 6 September 2014



We originally were quick to support and back up the Alan Jobbins/Keith Parry Welsh Independence Initiative as we thought that they would make the necessary decisions and take action to get Plaid Cymru not only involved but up front and leading politically a Campaign For Welsh Independence. At same time being to the fore behind the scenes as fas as needs be in motivating it’s membership to work towards developing and advancing a National Unitied Front Independence Platform. This we would suggested be ‘Autonomous’ based on Local Community Independence Initiatives being Local Groups with the necessary elected Administrative Officers and Campaign Organisers , each under the heading ofANNIBYNIAETH CYMRU/INDEPENDENCE WALES’. Membership being open to all who agreed with stated object and aims plus campaigning programme at a National and Local Level. Embassy Glyndwr, that is myself and Sian who are not particularly supporters of Plaid Cymru but even we could see the sense and need that if this to get off the ground successfully it needed Plaid Cymru support and the first positive step in that direction was for KP calling upon it’s members to put forward motions to Plaid Cymru Autumn Conference to make the matter of ‘Welsh Independence’ a priority Policy political platform. Having then won support of Conference, the Party Leadeship would leave no doubt as to where they and Plaid Cymru stood by openly declaring in statements far and wide their position on Welsh Independence. Hopefully such would not then be ‘Sound Bites’ or become removed to the shadows and covered up in a lot of waffle?




After all the ‘Cardiff Confusions’ in response to Sion Jobbins call to some ‘Independence Action’ not much from he who now has gone into a retreat? whaever KP called for an ‘Independence Rally’ at three different locations (Duke of Clarence, Merchant Seamans Memorial and Tafarn Glyndwr). Having then got cold feet he allowed ‘Hawliau’ to Hi – Jack the idea (KP called it a ‘Rescue’, I call that Bollocks!), pushed along by Geoff Ifans ex - Cyfamodwyr ‘Hawliau’ (see item in my blog: Pound Shop Patriotism) who proceeded to call a meeting at Tafarn Cayo at which nine people turned up and decided then to ‘Hi – Jack’ a Plaid Cymru Rally in Support for Scottish Independence and bull shit it publically as a ‘Rally For Welsh Independence’, this was to be held at the ‘Temple of Pieces’ in Cardiff too. Then surprise! surprise! this was cancelled as well.  However, Plaid Cymru reorgnised their event to take place at the so called ‘Senedd’, that is the ‘Puppet Parliament’ down in Bae Caerdydd and it appears from a most ‘Wafflling apolagetc statement from ‘Hawliau’ that they are going along with this too. Patriots who are now concerned to avoid any further ‘Cardiff Confusion’ should only attend this 13th September Plaid Cymru event  down in the Bay, if it is to set up a Plaid Cymru internal ‘Ginger Group’ to promote a ‘Welsh Independence’ Initiative within the Party. I suggest that Sion Jobbins and Keith Parry be to the fore there regards this proposed project and also they and other for real ‘Welsh Nationalists focus on support for CYMANFAOEDD ANNIBYNIAETH CYMRU and it’s promoted  ‘Gatherings For Independence’ at Ruthin on 20 Medi and Caernarfon 2 Tachwedd. At same time  accept that big mistake has been made and recognising that no way will ‘Hawliau’ successfully carry fourth any radical Independence Initiative, FIN!


Further, no way can this important momentous matter become as it will just a fb ‘Pathetic Fringe’ of ‘Cymber (Cyber) Nats’ living their pathetic fb fringe fantasies. Folks it is time to get very real and not get carried away by a ‘Knee Jerk’ response to all this stuff that largelly is being pushed by Geoff Ifan regards the Scottish Independence Referendum. Geoff has got over excited and sick with the ‘Scotia Surrogatism’ illness and does not consider, what if there s a ‘No Vote’ that will lead to a big ‘suck in’ of breath in Wales and a drainage of enthusiasm, more than likely! I earnestly suggest that now ‘Hawliau’ get back to what it was set up to do and show us that the rather opportunistic article in Daily Wales about the Mynydd y Gwair Wind Farm proposal was not a load of ‘Cobblers’ and that they will do as Geoff said he would do organise a rally on MAWR with Ioan Richards of SOCME during Llanelli Eisteddfod week which came to nothing or was that another fantasy moment? Though. ‘Hawliau’ do note you have an opportunity with SOCME to put things right on 9 Mis Medi – Mis Glyndwr at Ivey Place, near Swansea Railway Station and the Grand Hotel where RWE are organising a meeting aka ‘Junket’ for Councillors to convince them of need for more Wind Farms. This meeting is to include an outing to the Mynydd y Bettws Wind Farm and Sub Station, ideal opportnies for ‘Picket Protests’ and so 'SEIZE THE TIME’ and do so, don’t rely on Hawliau or and ‘Cardiff Confusers’.




On 13th September set up an ‘Independence Policy Lobby Group’ that will work within ‘Y Blaid’ as a ‘Ginger Group’ to ensure motions on Independence are put to the Autumn Conference and to such end, this ‘Ginger Group’ will organise a stand at the Plaid Cymru Autumn Conference from which they can hand out leaflets and have a members petition avialable to be sighed supporting Independence which can then at conclusion of the conference be handed to Plaid Cymru Leaders.




Requires Hard Work, Funds and ‘Foot Soldiers’, in the first place there is no doubt that Plaid Cymru as such whilst the ‘Patriotic Fringe’ does not and for most part are ‘Cymber (Cyber) Nats’ whillst many Plaid Cymru members live and work in the real World not on fb ‘Fantasy Island’ do commit to going around doors posting leaflets and are not afraid to engage in door step discussions. I can see where ‘Hawliua’ will end up taking this venture, pityfully into another fb expression of futile Nationalism – Geoff has got a plan? What like ‘Y Cyfamodwyr’ and his last ‘Great Plan’ the fb wonder ‘Hawliau’ (led  by he, Leon Russell formerly of CBRD, Paul Wong and ‘Jaconory’ the Agony Aunt of Abergynolwyn, ha! ha!) so called Welsh National Rights Movement. No forget Goeff’s ‘Great Plans’. Think now Geoff Ifans should recognise that his ‘End of Days’  Political Ideas as his ‘Cyfamodwyr are coming to nothing and he should now go back to basics of a TARIAN CYMRU – Homeland Defence Movement. Leaving such matters as ‘Welsh National Rights’ to such has SOFRANIAETH and Sofren Cymru or a merger of these Initiatives which I suggest be considerd in Corwen on 16 Medi 2014 or in Llanwyddyn (Vyrnwy Estate) on 24 Mis Medi – Mis Glyndwr and then advanced in greater detail on and about 21 Mehefin 2015 in Machynlleth with a full on organise ‘WELSH INDEPENDENCE CONGRESS’.


The initial steps I have already dealt with, now instead of wasting any more time realise the chances of this getting very far ‘Nationally’ are not very good unless there is Plaid Cymru political back up and then local community organisation, development and advance of the Welsh Independence Initiative. So, not more time wasting accept this as fact and also as fact that holding back on Rallies was a fatal mistake but even I have had a rethink there and say that we forget calling them ‘Rallies’ but rather ‘Gatherings’ aka maybe ‘CYMANFAOEDD ANNIBYNIAETH GLYNDWR’ (as most of the ‘Gatherings’ we suggest are based on a Glyndwr Victory Trail’) and in the first instance very localised and regional as I have suggested to be held in Ruthin on 20 Medi and Caernarfon 2 Tachwedd 2015 to show we mean business and there is localised and regional support out there, as if not no point in going forward is there? So, yes both Ruthin and Caernarfon are ‘Testers’ and I suggest you of these parts of Cymru focus on making these a success and not trust to yet more possible ‘Cardiff Confusions’. I am amazed how may out there would trust to KP anymore, as for Leon and Geoff lets see them deliver more than ‘Sound Bites’ on MAWR and on the Vyrnwy Estate not on a Mynydd Epynt Pacifist Picnic. Wise up and work at it in your community and if a member of Plaid Cymru or any other group, social or cultural and not least within Trade Unions.


Most importantly a succesful Campaign depends on two initial steps, you fully understand the case for Independence and can really argue it, then you fully realise what you will be up against as who and what will oppose the Independence Campaign. You will more likely become aware as how to handle this if you not hold any more meetings in pubs in Cardiff or where ever but instead start a monthly programme of setting up ‘Independence Tables’ in your local community from which you will give out leaflets, engage in public discussions and maybe set up a public ‘Soap Box’ to debate with people the whole Issue of Welsh Independence. You should also start getting pro – Independence Petitions signed. This of course is Spring to Summer work though you may get permission to set up in Community Centres during the Autum and Winters. So, busy! busy! busy! YES?


The above is very much short term, I will continue to think in this area as to long term campaign work and activity. Suffice to say now that untill a United pro – Independence Initiative Platform is set up we can agree with. In main organising locally and organisiing lin the community also holding suggested ‘Regional Rallies’ but  contining to advance our annual 21 Mehefin ‘Dydd Sofraniaeth’ gathering in Machynlleth as the National Annual March and Rally for Welsh Independence. Embassy Glyndwr would only be taking responsibility for opening the event by organising annually the annual ‘Call for Sovereighty’ on ‘Craig Annibyniaeth’. Other contributions to this National gathering is entirely up to Patriotic gropus not least Plaid Cymru whom we would like to see take responsibilty for the only proposed annual National Rally and March for Independence as suggested in Machynlleth. We at Embassy Glyndwr are not going to mount our own ‘National Independence Initiatve’ but we do intend to set up a blog: ‘CYMANFAOEDD ANNIBYNIAETH CYMRU’ (why this name see our ‘Vent a Mythology’ artice) as a  ‘FOCUS ON THE HOPEFULL DEVELOPING AND ADVANCING WELSH INDEPENDENCE STRUGGLE’ in this we shall in first post publish this document and publish comments on it and from time time make available news and information of relevance but we do not intend to organise a campaign but will make useful suggestions and publish what we consider to be useful promotional material. NB: Those who are so inclined could hold an historic meeting on 20th (in Morning prior to ‘Ruthin Raid’) Mis Medi – Mis Glyndwr in Corwen or on about 24th same month in Llanwyddyn, Vyrnwy to discuss further advance of Cymanfaoedd Annibyniaeth Cymru as the provional Independence Promotion Platform. 2014 – 16. By 2016 a more nationally representive body and campaign hopefully will have veen set up.


Gethin ap Gruffydd. Awst 2015.

PS: Iestyn ap Robert who had been initially delegated to organise the aforementioned SJ/KP Welsh Independence Rallies but utterly and pathetically failed to do so? Now it appears has taken over from the Leon staged 'TofP' to mount a Plaid Cymru and fellow travellers Rally on steps of Senedd (13 Medi) in support for a 'Yes' in the Scottish Referendum. Myself, consider this to be more about Iestyn's 'meal ticket' holiday in Scotland over final days of the Referendum, do you really think this 'slow burning fiddler' will be capable of organising a serious Welsh Independence Campaign, I do not think so. Just watch this space over time ahead.




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STOP PRESS. The RWE COMMONS INQUIRY at Swansea Dylan Thomas Centre should be resuming in August? This in main is about the Turbine Transport Road across the Severn Hills of Mawr, not about ‘Beufort - Somerset Trust’ Commons possession. Patriots keep eye out for Inquiry resumption and make it about the ‘Beaufort Bunch’ with a Picket Protest and otherwise at the Inquiry ask bring up the ‘Beaufort Bunch’. The Inquiry was not resumed, I wonder why? I FEAR A SELL OUT!