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News for Taro 9 Efyrnwy Programme

  • Debate pleas on water and Vyrnwy
    BBC News - 6 days ago
    A consultation is being carried out into the sale of Vyrnwy. Lord Elis-Thomas told BBC Wales' Taro Naw programme, shown on S4C, that now was the time to ...
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  • It is  good to see that the stand Embassy Glyndŵr has  been making on this issue over the past year plus has, at last,  been vindicated. All to sadly though, our calls for 'Dal Dy Dir' and 'Cymrwch y Tir Yn Ol' action have not been acted on by Patriots  thus my letter to 'Y Cymro' last week expressing my critcism of patriots for not rising to the occasion - as patriots  did over the Capel Celyn Issue.(See below) I find it ironic and sad, that in the Taro 9 programme, repeated twice on S4C last week, clips were shown (twice) of the  riot at the opening of the Tryweryn Reservior whilst the selling off of the much larger Efyrnwy estate is allowed to go through without so much as a sigh or a blink of an eye from Cymric patriots. The thought of a farmer seeking a payment of £80,000 for a crumbling down wall because the slogan COFIA DRYWERYN is painted on it, on the whole, makes my blood run cold. After all, that slogan has lost all its meaning and is nothing more than empty hollow words when Patriots of today are  all too content to 'Angofio Efyrnwy'.

    Despite the way I ended my letter in last week's 'Y Cymro', I have not finished with the matter of  Efyrnwy yet. It's proving impossible for me to do so as so much more needs to be said, particularly in connection with the 'Windmilling of Wales', but for now, my attention needs to focus fully on the issue of the plotting and planning of the  'Windmill Master Robber Barons' who are being aided all the way in the destruction of our nation and our people by the 'Ceredigion Crachia' of Plaid Cymru - proving again that Plaid is the 'Party of Shame'! Embassy Glyndŵr has heard that a Conference is to be held, see details below as outlined by the greedy conspirators involved:

    "A conference at CAT in Machynlleth:
    The Future Of Renewable Energy In Wales :: October 17th 2011"

    "Current protests over wind power are threatening the future of the renewable energy industry in Wales, slowing down the development of sustainable low carbon technologies and starving our communities of vital investment in regeneration, jobs and infrastructure. Furthermore, they are obstructing the development of green skills, training and research, which could revitalise our manufacturing industry to the benefit of many small and large businesses. It is time for the renewable energy industry and its  supporters to work together to communicate a shared vision to build a sustainable, low carbon Wales and rebuild confidence and trust in the future of our Welsh green economy and the many benefits that renewable energy offers".

    Wait for it...The above is in association and funded by the 'puppet'  Government 'WAG' Collaborators. The intention is to enforce their Neo -  Colonialism in the form of Green Imperialism with the assistance of the environmental 'Carpet Baggers'  of the Alternative Technology Centre and it's  business enterprize, Dulas of Machynlleth and Tegni of Corwen. Yes. Ironically, these are both chief centres associated with our National Hero Owain Glyndŵr! But who cares,? Not Cymric patriots by the looks of it, or those Cymric Cultural bodies  who take the 'Wind Master's  bribes and, by doing so, allow  our  'Cymric culture' to be corrupted and our land - our heritage, that should be protected intact to be handed down to future generations, to be bought on the cheap. 

    Thus, our  wonderful countryside is allowed to be destroyed, devastated, despoiled and desecrated by the likes of Wind Power Wales in what they describe as a "New Energy in Welsh Culture". Oh yes, a 'New Energy' in the form of new 'Robber Barons' that are butchering and carving up Cymru for 'Bangster' and Stockmarket Spivs Global Corporate profits whereby 'Green Power' becomes the sullied 'Green Dollar' aka a  'Fast  Buck!'. 

    Unbelievable you think? then check out Wind Power Wales partners West Brenig Wind and  it's connection to FIM, then connect up with the likes  of big boys such as Catamount Cymru Cyf and Statkraft along with Dukes Energy USA. All these Global Capitalists companies are very much facilitated in the 'Rape of fair countries throughout the world as well as in Wales by the likes of CAT Corris, Cynog Dafis Plaid Cymru and of course WAG and  Westminster Governments Puppet Colonial Collaborators.

    Without any doubt, the large demo in Bae Caerdydd, plus the present active Anti - Windmill Resistance in Denbighshire and Powys, plus a continous letter writing campaign - including my articles in Y Cymro newspaper, have the Wind Master Robber Barons aka 'Turbine Terrorists' rattled! So much so, that they have called in some 'Big Guns' to fight their corner with possibly WAG support and Funding. So, its imperative that the pressure is REALLY kept on them now with protest action. Remember, this is how the Mapuche Indians won the day over the giant Statkraft causing them to abandon their projects in Chile - and other fair countries have since woken up, how about Cymru?

    Now, regards the 'Conference of Ultimate Treachery' that is to take place in the Alternative Technology Centre in Corris on the 17th Oct - NEXT MONDAY, are Cymric patriots, again, going to allow this to take place without so much as a whimper in protest? Will Welsh nationalism this time, show the rest of the world that the spirit of Glyndŵr is as strong as ever in his nation and that the Cymry have the strength and resilience to   defend our 'heritage in the landscape' from this global windmill terrorism in the same way that the Mapuche have defended their 'heritage in the landscape'?. Who will be at Corris to tell the Windmill terrorists and their Welsh collaborators that they will not be tolerated in Cymru? Who will now rise  to the occasion to picket  protest the CAT Conference at Corris:


    Here are some Embassy Glyndŵr suggestions for action:

     1. That a Conferance is called to take place in Machynlleth on Saturday the 15th Oct at which all groups campaigning against the Windmilling of Wales meet to establish a National  Campaigning Coordination Committee. This conference we suggest as a morning session at which only delegates attend, followed by a mid day march against  Windmills from Y Plas to Parliament Green. later  in the Afternoon, we suggest there be a second session and that this session be open to all Anti - Windmill Activists to discuss Campaigning Strategy - in particulur regards road widening developments soon to be embarked upon at numerous Windmill sites in various parts of Wales.

    2. We suggest that on Sunday 16th October,  those who can, why not stay behind and spend the day putting up roadside Anti - Windmill banners, posters and placards on all roads leading into Corris, covering an area of about 20 miles. Similar to the way such has been carried out around Gwrtherin, Meifod and Abermule. 

    We suggest that every group participating in the above be responsible for their own Agit - Prop campaign matertial and  it's use, noting this and the Picket Protest the next day can be 'Autonomous Activity' by individual groups working in coordination.

    However, a conference and a march in Machynlleth would need sponsorship and organisation, and as this is in the area  of the Cambrian Mountain Society and MAP perhaps they could assume responsibilty for such.

    We must stress that this Renewables Conference cannot be ignored as they are out to take  the fight  to the Windmill Resistance Movement. Their challenge cannot be ignored, if it is, we might as well throw the towel in now, give up and run away with our dragon's tail between our legs. So, let me  know who is up to putting on the 'Glyndŵr Guantlet ' and take the fight to the Windmill Masters, their 'Crachach Collaborators' and the 'Environmental Carpet Baggers'. Here's something to listen to whilst you are thinking  on the above.

    Windfall”: The movie (Review) « Wind Turbine Syndrome Articles -Block all results
    20 Mar 2011 – Faucets don't spit fire in “Windfall,” making its local premiere Saturday at the Environmental Film Festival. But incendiary water may be the only ...


    Embassy Glyndŵr is based in Abertawe and we have just travelled to Gwynedd twice in the last couple of weeks mainly to draw attention to the need for nationalists to unite in a stand against what is happening at Efyrnwy. WE WASTED OUR MONEY, TIME AND ENERGY AS THE RESULT WAS...NOTHING! IT WILL GO ON RECORD THAT NO CYMRIC MOVEMENT, APART FROM EMBASSY GLYNDWR (WHICH IS A 'NATIONAL CONCIOUSNESS RAISING GROUP AND NOT A MEMBERSHIP GROUP) MADE A STAND AT EFYRNWY. YOU DEMONSTRATED TO ALL THE GLOBAL CAPITALISTS THAT ARE GREEDILY FEEDING INTO OUR NATION THAT NOBODY CARES! We cannot really afford (financially or in time terms) to go up again for the 15, 16, 17th but, If Nationalists and Wind Warriors illustrate to us that they care enough to be serious about a campaign to stop this mass destruction plans for our land by informing us that they will be at Corris for certain, we will come up and support. Otherwise, we will throw the towel in and I will save my money for a cause that people are prepared to fight for. I leave the ball in your court! 

    However, If the above is a 'go' then note, some one (an individual or a group) needs  to take  care of publicity to promote the protest activity and publice  our case against Windmills to Wales and  the World. This must all be done asap as you can bet that the CAT Conference has been months in the planning, and we have less than  a week to organise a counter challege, so get cracking and for starters, email this post far and wide asap.


    Plaid Cymru, particularly the Plaid Left who from time to time make sound bites about the Crown Estates making money out of Windmills, why are they not protesting against  'Absentee English Lords' making millions out of Mynydd y Gwair. These are the partners Plaid Green Crachach Cymru sleep with, English Aristocrats and Corprate 'Bangster' Windmill Master Robber Barons, that's the shameful sort of 'Non' Nationalist Party Wales is lumbered with.

    The aristocrats cashing in on Britain's wind farm subsidies - Telegraph -Block all results
    21 Aug 2011 – For increasing numbers of the nobility – among them dukes and even a.... According to industry experts, the wind farm will generate income of ...

    Llywelyn Rhys - Parliamentary candidates - Telegraph -Block all results
    Llywelyn Rhys was the Plaid Cymru candidate for Cardiff North in the 2010 General Election. Profession. Sector: Business; Detail: Head of A Renewable Energy ...

    Please note: FIM, one of the companies that has been 'selected' to purchase a big chunk of Efyrnwy should be of great concern. Not only are  they major Forest Developers, users and managers but are also involved in the Windmill Industry at East Brenig and elsewhere in Cymru.

    Details of: Brenig Renewable energy scheme / Wind
    8 Oct 2009 – Earlier this year Denbighshire County Council approved plans for a 16-turbine wind farm to the east of Llyn BRENIG. Currently, a public inquiry ...

    Renewables investment specialist, FIM Services, acquires South ...
    1 Jul 2011 – Renewables investment specialist FIM Services has bolstered its onshore wind farm portfolio with the acquisition of a South Wales facility. ...

    Most  worrying for future of the Vyrnwy Estate as a possible location for  Windmilling is the fact that one of the major directors of FIM is also the main man at Brenig Wind Ltd, see

    The ... - FIM - Sustainable Timberlands, Forestry & Renewable Energy - Block all results
    Richard Crosbie Dawson MA, FRICS (Managing Director). A qualified member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, who has guided the expansion of ...

    Mr Richard Crosbie Dawson - a free company director check -Block all results
    17 Aug 2011 – Company director check for Mr Richard Crosbie Dawson from companies house information.

    FIM - Forestry & Renewable Energy Investment Management

    FIM Services Limited (FIM) provides specialist investment products and services in areas of sustainable forestry and renewable energy in the UK. FIM advises ...

    I do not know if FIM is involved in the Forestry Commission/Scottish Renewables Dyfnant Forest Windmill Plantation but the RSPB and Severn Trent certainly are, thus, Unitited Utilities will soon be involved in a Wind Mill Plantation in the Dyfnant Forest which is part  of the Vyrnwy Estate. So, without any doubt, we can  expect more Windmilling of the Vyrnwy Estate.

    Dyfnant Forest - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    View across farmland to Dyfnant Forest. Forest track in Dyfnant Forest. Footbridge inDyfnant ForestDyfnant Forest is a remote forest between the valleys of the ...

    Home | Dyfnant Forest Windfarm | ScottishPower Renewables
    We have put together this website, to give you information on the proposed DyfnantForest Windfarm in Dyfnant Forest, approximately 5km south of Lake Vyrnwy, 

    This will tell you just how "Green" the Renewables Industry is

    Renewable energy commercialization - Wikipedia, the free ... -Block all results
    Jump to Renewable energy industry‎: Continued growth for the renewable energy sector is expected and promotional policies helped the industry ..

    This  will tell you much about  Eversheds:

    Michelle Thomas - Partner - Eversheds LLP -Block all results
    ... Wind UK and the acquisition by Statkraft of Catamount Energy SC3's ...
    Already in Scotland with Statkraft and Catamount,
    whilst, of course, Statkraft and Catamount are already in Wales.

    Statkraft -Duke Go-ahead for Berry Burn Wind Farm -Block all results
    9 Sep 2009 – ... a partnership between Norwegian Statkraft and Duke Energy has ... to build Berry Burn wind farm, Statkraft's second consent in Scotland.

    Though, Statkraft have taken over Catamount now.

    Eversheds advises Statkraft on the purchase of shares in Catamount
    26 Nov 2008 – Statkraft UK Ltd, who already owned half the shares, has agreed to ...Catamount Cymru Cyf owns the rights to build and operate Blaengwen ...

    Catamount devoting itself to wind power | Vermont Business Magazine - United States -Block all results
    1 Aug 2002 – The future of Vermont's electric power may be blowin' in the wind. In recognition of the growing demand – as well as the growing necessity – for ...

    Dukes Energy in Wales yet? in one guise or another?

    Energy & Renewables -Block all results
    Acted on the Scottish real estate and planning side on the Duke Energy Corporation acquisition of Catamount windfarm operations in Scotland. 2008-09 ...

    We Think They  Are:

    Statkraft SF acquires remaining interest in Catamount Cymru Cyf ... -Block all results
    Deal Information, Thomson M&A: Statkraft SF acquires remaining interest in Catamount Cymru Cyf (2008/11/12) -


     A message for Dafydd Elis Thomas, Cynog Dafis and,  of course, the 'Plaid Left Greens'.

     How do you feel about partnering up with the Nuclear  Coal Using Corporate Crowd now? Friends of the Earth are certainly not Friends  of Cymru or  they might be making us more aware of Dukes Energy in the whole Renewables 'Green' Windmill Master Capitalist Industry at present destroying our countryside as once did the Iron, Coal and Slate Masters in Rape  of the Fair Country but there, I don't expect Environmemtal carpet Baggers to know much about Welsh History, certainly not when the Cultural Nationalist 'Crachia' is suffering a  severe bout of  'Historical Amnesia' whilst their palms are being soiled  with 'Saxon Silver' and 'Foreign Gold'.

    Duke Energy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Block all results
    Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Duke Energy owns 36000 megawatts of .... "Duke Energy International Announces Sale of Bolivian Power Plant Assets

    1 Jul 1999 – Based in London, he will lead DEI's efforts to develop an integrated energybusiness in Europe including natural gas and electric assets as well ...

    Company check on DUKE ENERGY INTERNATIONAL TRADING AND MARKETING (UK) LIMITED including companies house information and free financial information.

    Wind Energy -Duke Energy

    Since 2007 Duke Energy has committed more than $1.5 billion to build its wind power business. The company has 986 megawatts of clean, renewable wind ...

    Duke Energy to be fifth largest wind power produce... - Silobreaker -Block all results
    20 Sep 2011 – Critics chime in on proposed Progress-Duke Energy merger. » Comments ... XZERES Signs Largest Distributed Wind Energy Dealer In UK ...

    Duke Energy-Progress Energy behemoth covets nuclear power ... - United States -Block all results
    11 Jan 2011 – Duke Power's proposal to buy Progress Energy will create one of the ...held a news conference critical of alleged design flaws in one nuclear ..

    Duke Energy unveils plans for nuclear plant in Piketon |

    18 Jun 2009 – Critics already have raised concerns about this project, including the high... Related topics: duke energynuclear power plant, ohio, piketon ...

    Critics see Duke Energy as block to solar growth - -Block all results
    22 Jun 2011 – Duke Energy Carolinas ranked 10th-largest among U.S. utilities for the ...Ulsted solvarme1 / Solar thermal energy / Wind power /Windmill ...

    Duke Energy, Environmentalists Debate Expansion Of Coal Plants ... - Block all results
    Duke Energy said it sees coal as the most economical way to meet growing energy ...However, Duke Energy's critics said new plants will ultimately churn out ...

    Critics of coal, nuclear attend Duke Energy shareholders meeting ... - United States -Block all results
    6 May 2011 – Protesters attended a Duke Energy shareholders meeting. Some condemned coal and nuclear plans, and others were against the company's ...

    DUKE INDUSTRIES, I am not sure if it's the same crew but they below  are moving into Windmills too.

    Message for Taro 9. I suggest a programme (exposure) on all the  above.


    TARIAN GLYNDŴR - Translate this page6 Medi 2011 – Homeland Defence - Fighting English Imperialism and Colonialism since 1400. Mudiad Tarian Glyndŵr campaigns against oppression of our 


    Useful Info on where to  stay in Machynlleth.

    NB: If wishing to stay in Corris/Machynlleth area over weekend of 15/16 to 17 October, note three following Bunk Houses:

    "Braich Goch Bunkhouse and Inn Corris, Wales
    Braich Goch Bunkhouse and Inn Corris, Wales - With sleeping for 26, the Corris-Bunkhouse is ideally suited for all groups, families and individuals who are ...

    Corris Bunkhouse - Group Accommodation, just outside Corris, near ... - Block all results
    The Corris Bunkhouse provides bunkhouse style accommodation in Corris, Machynlleth in Wales.

    Welcome to Corris Youth Hostel - Block all results
    Croeso Corris Hostel An award winning "green" hostel with an environmental & celtic theme. Focussing on conservation through education & by example. ..

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