Thursday, 16 June 2011

SOVEREIGNTY PROCESSION MACHYNLLETH 11 am - 12 Noon SATURDAY 18 MEHEFIN 2011: Letter By Sian Ifan CEO Embassy Glyndwr Published In Western Mail. PLUS EVENT FINAL INFO.

SIR - Some of your readers may wish to know that the annual Machynlleth "Crowning of Glyndwr Festival" is to take place this Saturday, June 18. The festival will, for the fifth successive year, commence with a "Displaying of the Glyndwr Crown Parade" which will leave from the war memorial (by Moma) at 11am sharp.

We, at Embassy Glyndwr, believe the Glyndwr Crown to be the most potent symbol of "sovereignty" that Wales has possessed since the establishment of Owain Glyndwr's Welsh Parliament at Machynlleth in 1404. We also believe that the annual parade to display our "sovereignty as still being well and truly intact", to be more important than ever this year following the despicable "pomp and pageantry" display at the official opening of the 4th Welsh Assembly recently with prominent "so called" Cymry drooling in their eagerness to "roll over" for the English Monarchy present! And, if that in itself was not enough, we had to witness Dafydd Elis-Thomas proudly declaring in media interviews that we are, after all, strongly tied to and part of the UK!

Was he talking on behalf of your readers, do they agree with him? If not, then I would suggest that they come to Machynlleth to parade with the Glyndwr Crown, the symbol of the "Sovereignty" of our nation and stand with us, united, by the Owain Glyndwr memorial on the green at Y Plas, Machynlleth to state, loudly and clearly, that they do not consider themselves to be a citizen of the UK but, rather, Cymric citizens of Cenedl Glyndwe r. 

SIAN IFAN CEO Embassy Cenedl Glyndwr 

Thank to alanindyfed for publicising so well the fourth coming Gwyl Glyndwr in Machynlleth this Saturday.

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    Final Publicity Memo:

    11:00 am Procession Assembles at War Memorial.

    11:30 am Crown Handed To Mayor at Cofeb Glyndwr, Y Plas.

    12: Noon Juratus Oweyn Ceremony at Parliament Green.


    As from 1:00 pm Open Soap Box - Welsh Nation 'Speakers Corner' at Cofeb Glyndwr, Y Plas - a rolling through the Afternoon Discussions and Debates on a veriaty of subjects. all welcome to stand on a Soap Box and Speak out and engage others in issues of the times concerning National Struggle.

    2:00 pm Powys Against Pylons Rally at the Clock followed by march to Senedd Glyndwr (Canolfan Glyndwr) to Lobby Alun Davies A.M. to oppose the National Grid Plans for Montgomery.

    If Medieval Reenactors Folk Musicians and Dancers turn up as requested, then there could be various entertaining activities around the town - We Shall See?

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