Monday, 23 May 2011


Pic Below: Shows Pobl Powys with Baner Llywelyn III (in Distress *) and Baner Glyndŵr enroute Sunday from Brecon to Merthyr Tudful. The walkers are greeted by Gethin ap Gruffydd on behalf of Cymdeithas Lewsyn yr Heliwr with the 'Baner 1831' and the 'Red Pitchfork Flag' of the Land and Liberty Campaign. Full photo Feature on line to be posted on the 'Gwerin Owain -Owain's Folk' Blog tomorrow.

* Baner Llywelyn in Distress explained: Baner Llywelyn turned up side down as a sign of distress. Often this can also denote surrender. See Llywelyn III/1282 Memorial at Aberffraw 'Shield bearing Arms of Llywelyn III/Gwynedd turned upside down, patriots are flyning Baner Llywelyn III like this to signfy protest that the English Royal Crown have stolen this flag and stuck the Crown of English Princes of Wales upon it.  also see WAG Coat of Arms depicting the 'Arms of Gwynedd' Shild topped by an English Crown, that says it all about them!  This idea has been inspired by Hawaiian Patriots who also fly the Hawaiian Flag upside down as an act of protest.

A group of anti wind-farm protestors are now on the fifth day of their walk from Y Trallwng to Caerdydd as part of the campaign to draw public attention to the proposed plan for a 20 acre substation and 100 miles of power cables which will be carried on pylons that will link 800 wind turbines in Trefaldwyn (Montgomery) to the National grid. The main part of the protest walk will end in Caerdydd tonight and then others will join the group in Caerdydd tommorrow morning to walk down to the Welsh  Assembly to take part in a major protest rally where 1000's of anti wind turbine protestors are expected to be present.

Embassy Glyndŵr is 100% behind this campaign organised by CUP (Cadwriaeth Ucheldir Powys) for a number of reasons. In the first instance, we are totally fed up of seeing our beautiful motherland being ravaged, time and time again, for political and capitalist gain. We know that these 'monstrosities are heavily subsidised, are unpredictable and therefore ineffective. We certainly have plenty of other alternatives to produce the needed energy for Cymru. This major 'mad plan' is to produce and supply energy for the national grid. Will the Cymric people benefit from it? of course not. If this 'mad' plan goes ahead, a major part of our nation will be ravaged and the people of Trefaldwyn will have to live with 800 of these ugly alian giants as well as with all the pylons and cabling that will link them to the national grid.

We have already witnessed the windmilling of many areas of our nation and this is the latest intended 'madness' that the politicians and their capitalist allies are confident that we, in Cymru, will once again put up with. But hopefully, tommorrow's protest rally in Bae Caerdydd will make them think again as they witness 1000's of people in a 'Wales United Front' hammering on their door shouting "DIM TAN 8 i GYMRU"..."DIM MELYNAU GWYNT...DIM IS-BWERDAI"!  ("NO TAN 8 FOR CYMRU"..."NO WINDMILLS...NO SUB-STATIONS"

Those of you who can, please, please, please join the protest in Bae Caerdydd tommorrow morning and then join CUP because this is just the beginning of what's going to be a long campaign. No Cymric patriot (Cymreig or English speaking) could possibly allow such sacrilige to take place without making a stand. So, please, let's have a strong and defiant united stand on this issue. 


Programme for the Protest Tommorrow morning.

11.30 am – Be ready outside the Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay. Choir singing Calon Lan

Proceed round to the Senedd with the Choir etc

12.00 - Speech – Glyn Davies

Presenting the petitions – please make sure that you have returned any paper copies to the address below by the end of this week.

6 children will carry caskets of turf and present them to each of the AMs, saying “This is part of our uplands; guard it well; this is our heritage; keep it safe.”

The AMs will then either agree and take it,...or not.

Protestors then sings Calon Lan and our National Anthem. Led by the choir
We expect proceedings to be over by 1pm.

CUP has written to John Griffiths, the newly appointed Minister for the Environment and Sustainability, requesting a meeting on the 24th which we hope to have after the representation.

Coach contacts:

Cefn Coch - Menna Watkins/ Judith Huxley 01938 810247

Welshpool / Meifod– Carol Davies –

Four Crosses and; Arddleen – Cllr. Graham Brown –

Abermule, Berriew - Rhiannon – book on facebook - ConservationofUplandPowys

Kerry – Hilary – book on facebook

Tregynon - Geoff & Jo Weller -

Llanfair Caereinion – Ivernia Watkin – 01938 810019

Newtown - Mike Brennan -

Knighton & Presteigne – Sarah Myhill - secretary

Shropshire – Steve Elliot –

Builth Wells – Ann West –

Carmarthenshire – Caroline Evans –

If you want a membership form to join CUP or want any further details about tommorrow, please contact Alison Davies at:
01938 810036; 07834209161